6 Spring Fashion Essentials for Women

Spring Fashion Essentials for Women

While Fall editorials have long been the focus of the fashion world, for many fashion-minded people, spring fashion is the most anticipated. After hibernating all winter long, seeing the blooms emerge from the ground and the weather warming up is welcomed by all.

For this reason, even when it’s still cold outside, many people begin shopping for their spring and summer wardrobe essentials and can’t wait for warmer weather to wear them. Whether your finger is nowhere near being on the pulse of fashion or you’re just looking to stay in trend, keep reading for the spring and fashion Essentials every woman will be wearing this year.

Baggier is Better

Those worried about skinny jeans being banished from the fashion world can rejoice as skinnies are still a popular trend, except now they’re low rise. However, when it comes to spring fashion this year, the baggier, the better. Denim trends have been leaning towards the looser end for a while now as women favor a more relaxed fit for its comfort and elevated look. You can keep your skinnies but incorporate wide-leg and baggy jeans into your spring wardrobe and pair them with a tighter or cropped top to stay on trend.

Maxi Skirts

All things in the 90s are still reigning supreme in the fashion world, and you can incorporate that into your aesthetic this spring with maxi skirts in various fun, bold colors, and different textures. Silk maxi skirts lend themselves to extreme comfort in warmer weather and are totally on trend with the Y2K vibe. You can also go with a linen Maxi for a more elevated look whether you’re attending a garden party, a horse race, or anything in between. Investing in several is key this spring season if you don’t already own a maxi skirt.


You didn’t think sequins were reserved for the holidays or New Year’s Eve, did you? This spring, you’re going to be seeing a lot of sequins, especially when it comes to accessories and party looks. From sequined dresses, skirts, and even bustier tops, they are a fun way to express yourself for the more elevated events you may attend this spring.

Bergamot Perfumes

While this next item isn’t something you physically wear, you still put it on your body, and the trending scent for spring this year is Bergamot. When selecting a Bergamot perfume, you want to go with something you can’t smell on yourself, meaning that it mixes well with your natural chemistry. There are some iconic choices regarding Bergamot-based perfumes, like Obsession from Calvin Klein, 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, or Oscar de la Renta, Oscar. Bergamot is known as the “Prince of Citrus.” Nothing says spring like a beautiful and citrusy scent. While it’s akin to lime, it also contains floral and herbal undertones making it the perfect addition to your Springtime aesthetic.

Oversized Blazers 

Spring is a time of transition which means that the weather may be chilly on some days and extremely warm on others, but chances are it will always be cool in the morning. For that reason having an oversized and on-trend blazer as part of your spring wardrobe is critical. You may take it off later in the day, but you’ll look amazing whether you’re wearing jeans, a dress, or a skirt and adding an oversized blazer as the layer that keeps you comfortable. The oversized blazer still looks incredibly feminine even though it’s a more masculine style when paired over a bodysuit crop top or floral blouse.

Bubbles Everywhere

Spring is all about whimsy, too, and one of the fun trends of this spring is that bubbles will be everywhere. We’re not talking about the type you blew as a child or that you blow with bubble gum; we’re talking about bubble skirts and bubble sleeve blouses. This whimsical nod in the fashion scene is something that everyone can embrace, no matter their age. Fashion is about having fun and pushing the envelope, so trying a bubble skirt or mini dress should be on your to-do list, even if your style is very conservative.

While it’s important to incorporate trends that work with your existing aesthetic and to always be comfortable, there is something for everyone mentioned above. The key to looking truly stylish is to feel confident in what you’re wearing, and you can be confident that the above things will make you look great and put a spring in your step!