The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Playing Dota 2

Dota 2

Do you wish to play Dota 2? Wondering what are the ins and outs and how you are going to play it? Without worrying about anything, let get in the guide that helps you play well at Dota 2. We will provide you with a complete beginner’s guide to how exactly you can play Dota 2. We will also make you aware of various tips and tricks of the game. You can also make use of dota 2 cheat to get quick success in the game.

Ancients: The Ancients are the most important objectives of the game. Whichever team destroys their enemy’s Ancient ultimately wins the game. Each team has its own Ancient and taking down an Ancient is not at all an easy task. You and your team made should try to coordinate with one another and build an effective defence strategy for your own invention Ancient. This will protect it from getting attacked by enemies.

Towers: The game Dota 2 has towers containing three different tires. The towers get stronger the closer they are to the base of a team. The tier 1 towers are located at the end of the lanes while the tier 2 towers are located at half the points of the lanes. The tier 3 towers are found above each ramp that is leading to the team’s base. There is also a tier 4 tower using which you can protect the ancient of the team.

Barracks: Barracks is the building that has the ability to make enemies creep stronger when they are destroyed. You will find two types of barracks each of which has its own features. The Melee barracks are highly robust. They also slowly regenerate themselves. The barracks are quite easier to take down. They do not have any health regeneration ability. They remain invulnerable until the tier 3 towers are destroyed during the game.

Creeps: While the heroes from both the teams are trying to win the game, there are various other units called creeps as well that will populate the map. The creeps are the primary source of gold and experience for the heroes of the game. You will also find a huge variety of creeps in the game. Let us have a quick glance at some of them:

Lane creeps: Lane creeps are the most common types of creeps. These creeps respawn in the lanes every 30 seconds. These creeps will advance to the lanes and attack the creeps of the opposite team. They can also attack the towers and the hero. The lane creeps cause a lot of damage to the game and they need to be finished off before they can cause you a lot of harm.

Neutral creeps: Neutral creeps are physically located in the jungles. This type of creeps are born at regular intervals and can cause damage to the creeps of both sides. They have the ability to give a lot of gold and experience. These creeps also help in taking down neutral creeps. The neutral items can give you a lot of bonuses in the game and can also give you huge success.

Roshan: Roshan is a kind of monster. It is immortal and is the most powerful type of natural creep. They are basically found in the pit or in the middle of the river. Roshan is not like the normal neutral creeps. They cannot be taken down with just a few attacks. They can outcast any hero in most situations. They also get stronger as the game progresses. You require a lot of strategy and power in order to take down the Roshan. The team that manages to take down the Roshan will earn a huge amount of gold and experience in the game.

Buildings and shops: In Dota 2, every team has got a huge number of buildings inside their base camp. There are also a lot of shops from where you will be able to buy the necessary things to protect yourself from enemies. The shops are well-equipped with all the required items for the hero. You can choose either a secret shop or a fountain shop for yourself from where you can get all your necessities.

This was a complete beginner’s guide to Dota 2. For more details regarding the game, keep following us.