The 4 Best Ways to Create Calm in Your Home

Best Ways to Create Calm in Your Home

Many things in life cause stress and anxiety. These days–with so many of us working from home or still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in some way–it’s more important than ever to create a home that is inviting and relaxing. Let’s look at four proven, science-backed tips for doing just that.

Choose Peaceful Colors

If you’ve ever walked into a very bright space, then you know that colors can affect how you feel. You can help create a peaceful atmosphere by using the right colors on your walls and décor.

One of the best colors to create a sense of tranquility is blue, especially a light or muted blue. White is a great color choice if you’re trying to decorate a workspace since it invokes an energetic, creative calm (think blank canvas). 

Other colors that help make a space serene are greens (especially natural greens), pale pink, purple, grey, and light yellow.

Declutter Like Crazy

Have you ever heard the phrase, “cluttered room, cluttered mind”? There’s a lot of truth in it. It’s difficult to feel peaceful when your space is chaotic. You don’t need to declutter all at once, but make it a long-term process. Move through your home room by room and tackle your closets or cabinets one at a time.

If your problem isn’t necessarily cluttering but lack of storage space, then you need a storage unit to keep your precious mementos with which you can’t bear to part. Many are temperature controlled, security monitored, and fully insured, so there’s no need to worry. 

The chances are good that there’s a reputable storage company nearby your home, so you can gain access to your goods whenever you need them.

Invoke all of Your Senses

It isn’t just your physical surroundings–what you see–that matters. It’s also what you hear, smell, touch, and even taste.

For sound, pay attention to what you can hear in your home throughout the day. Is it pleasing to you? If not, consider buying a white noise machine or investing in a stereo system through which you can play calming music or nature sounds.

For smell, consider investing in an essential oil diffuser or even one for each room of your home. Play with oils and combinations until you find one that helps you relax and unwind. Some familiar, relaxing scents include lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Alternatively, you might find the process of experimenting with smells relaxing in itself.

For your sense of touch, vary your textures. Have something soft and comforting in most rooms of your home. Provide yourself with blankets anywhere that’s drafty or cold. Taste is a bit more challenging to accomplish, but leave dishes of peppermint or your favorite candy around.

Bring in Nature

There’s something about spending time in nature that is so refreshing for humans. We know that most people can’t live outdoors, so do what you can to bring the outside inside. Add some plants or greenery to every room that you can. Succulents, snake plants, and even bamboo require only a little sunlight and maintenance.