Classic Variations of Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

When it comes to fashionable and low maintenance military-motivated hairstyles, a buzz cut doesn’t come second on the list. It is tried haircut, and when we recommend it for you, we know what we are giving you. Masculine and straightforward, this hairstyle is ideal for brave men who need to showcase their facial features. To make your selection easier, we collected these buzz haircuts for you, and we know you would like them. But then before that, let’s first understand what these haircuts are.

Typically, a buzz haircut is a very short hairstyle that is easily recognised by hair that is cut very clipped so close to the head using a razor. When it comes to maintenance, it is no doubt one of the most effortless haircuts to maintain. No grooming required, just trimming and you are good to go. The only aspect you must be keen about is the shape of your face. As a rule, since there is little hair to balance your head, buzz cut only work for specific face shapes. These haircuts look great on guys with oval faces. Those with rectangular-shaped faces can as well rock this haircut.

Military Induction Buzz Haircut

#1. Military Induction Buzz Haircut.

The induction cut was used as a rite of passenger for army recruits. At that time, it was not used because of its masculine dimensions or sharp edge. It was used because it was neat and therefore prevented the spread of lice amongst the army officers.

In this haircut, the hair is trimmed very short with an even length. It is one of the shortest variations of a buzz cut and ideal for guys with the oval face shape. However, those with rectangle face shape can rock it as well.

#2. Faded Buzz Cut.

If you thin the military induction buzz haircut is too extreme for you, then you have an option of fading your haircut. The fade largely depends on dimension, so you need to have the right dimension that your barber can work on. Generally, you will have no hair around the ears, and slowly grow it up to still short hair up at the top. This variation of buzz haircut is tidy and also clean just like its predecessor.

But before you choose to rock this haircut, know that you will not have much hair length to hide any scars or bumps on your head. So, ensure your head is spotless.

#3. Burr Buzz Haircut.

This is a subtly longer take of the military cut. It depends more on the soft proportions, implying that it is a safer choice for guys who don’t want to go too short. However, one thing that comes with burr haircut is constant maintenance. If you have hair that grows very fast, you will have to keep going to your barbershop for trimming.

Also, you will need to choose the right type of beard to complement this type of haircut. Generally, stubble is the best.

Burr Buzz Haircut

#4. High And Tight Buzz Haircut.

The high and tight buzz cut incorporates a lot of proportions, just like an undercut. However, in this haircut, you are dealing with pretty short haircuts. As such, you will not expect to get a continuous consistency with your hair length to get an actual high and tight style since you need extended proportions at the crown. Again, remember that you will require contrast to get the right high and tight look.

This hairstyle provides a bit of versatility to guys who don’t have a long face since it gives an impression of longer facial appearance.

#5. Mohawk-Inspired Buzz Cut.

This buzz haircut gets its inspiration from a Mohawk style. Though the hair is incredibly short, the haircut manages to have a longer strip that starts at the front of the head to the back of the head and ends at the neck nape.

One thing that will make sure that you get the desired Mohawk buzz cut is telling your barber to work with little dimensions. This will keep your cut unique and stand out from typical Mohawk styles.

#6. Crew Cut Buzz Haircut.

Well, this stylish haircut brings together two fashionable hairstyles giving you a perfectly-blended look. this is the most fashionable way to rock your buzz haircut. The haircut is ridiculously versatile and flatters different face shapes.