Is Yoga Teacher Training Right for You?

Is Yoga Teacher Training Right for You

How do you feel at the end of your yoga class or session? Do you feel extremely relaxed and like you can conquer the world? These are the effects this cool practice tends to have on people. It is not just a form of exercise but a lifestyle with effects affecting the body, spirit and soul (all in a positive manner).

If you have tasted these benefits through classes, how much more could you gain by becoming a teacher? Well, you do not have to actually teach a class but you could gain a lot by attending yoga teacher training. You will understand more about this art, its history and literature. You will also learn more about your body, how to do cool yoga poses and understand how yoga is able to achieve the effects it has. But, who should take yoga teacher training? How can you tell if it is right for you?

You Love Yoga

For you to be reading this, it means that your love for yoga goes beyond the weekly classes you attend. You must be incorporating yoga into various aspects of your life. Maybe breathing exercises are helping you handle tense situations nicely, mat stretches are helping your body feel physically fit and so on. No matter how yoga has impacted your life, you must love it for you to want to study more about it.

With a passion for yoga, you will find yoga teacher training very fulfilling. Here you will learn everything there is to learn about this practice. With this knowledge you will get the chance to understand deeper and even increase your appreciation for yoga.

The world out here has a lot of misconceptions, myths and misinformation about yoga. Are you curious to find out what is true and what is not? Yoga teacher training uses ancient texts to pass factual information to trainees. To get the facts right, enroll for these classes.

Widen Your Connections

You must have made some friends at your weekly yoga classes. How much do they appreciate yoga? Some love it while others just use it as a pass-time. Since you belong to the prior category, you should meet similar-minded people and share thoughts. These people are found at yoga teacher training programs. With a single class having tens of people, you stand the chance to meet people you can be friends with for life. After all, you have a common love for yoga.

People from different backgrounds enroll for yoga classes. Interacting with them will help you appreciate different cultures and how yoga easily brings people together. Most trainings take between 200 and 300 hours. The location and time of training will differ from one program to the other.

A good choice is a 300 hour yoga teacher training that is held at a serene place away from your busy life. With such training, you will be fully-immersed in the training and have time to actually know the other trainees. Plus, it is a great way to relax and have fun while at it. Here you will learn everything from yoga philosophy to human anatomy and everything in-between.

You Want to Help More People Reap the Benefits of Yoga

What is your calling in life? It may be to teach yoga! It could be that you are the one to own the next yoga training center in your area. Perhaps the teaching skills will come in handy during an emergency where you will be needed to help keep people calm or help a team work together to achieve a set goal. Either way, it is always good to add more skills. Yoga teacher training teaches how to be better leaders.

Soft skills like good communication, being confident and relaxing in hard situations are taught in yoga teacher training. These are skills you will find useful if you ever have to teach a yoga class.

Different asanas, kriyas, bhavas and meditations will be taught. You will learn how to do the various activities perfectly while avoiding injury. This is important so anyone learning from you will learn safely.


Is yoga teacher training right for you? Definitely! It is an exciting and rewarding venture that anyone who loves yoga should undertake. You will need to find a good yoga teacher training program and enroll. Enjoy the learning process and the fruits you will reap thereafter. Best wishes.