Repairing Your Jewelry

Repairing Your Jewelry

No matter how much you take care of jewelry, it will always remain susceptible to wear and tear. Minor damage, like a broken link in your gold chain or a loose setting on your engagement ring, is inevitable, especially for precious pieces you wear daily. Some repairs are doable on your own, while some are beyond your repair ability. 

This is why jewelry repair services exist. You’ll have to distinguish which pieces you can repair on your own, and others that need the intervention of a professional jewelry repair company. If you try to do more complex repairs yourself, you may end up damaging your jewelry more — to a point where it can’t be salvaged.

Quick Jewelry Fixes You Can Do

This article will outline the jewelry repairs you can DIY. Remember that the extent of the damage should still be taken into consideration when deciding whether you need to visit a jewelry repair expert.

Fixing Tangles and Knots in a Chain

This can be stressful especially when you’re about to go out and you notice knots and tangles in your favorite necklace. Before annoyance gets the best of you, know that there are quick remedies to fix this. First, lay your jewelry on a flat surface and dab some oil on the knots. You can use whatever you have in your kitchen — olive, vegetable, or baby oil. Then, slide two straight pins through the loose points of the knot.

Through this, untying the knots will be easier. Remember to store your necklace properly to avoid this kind of problem. 

Restoring Tarnished or Discolored Jewelry 

Lotions, water, perfume, or even your sweat can cause gradual discoloration of your jewelry. This is also inevitable since jewelry is worn next to a person’s skin for hours. However, bringing your jewelry back to its natural color is made easier with a polishing cloth. You can ask your jeweler for this type of cloth or purchase them from jewelry shops. You may also be able to remove scratches with a polishing cloth.

Repairing Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are fun to wear at all occasions and venues. However, they are more prone to breaking than other bracelets. If you lose a bead or two, you can always go to the store for replacements. You can also get an elastic cord while you’re at it. Make sure that the cord you purchase is good for knotting. 

Now, repairing stretch bracelets is easy to do. You can even make your own. Just keep some supplies in case another bracelet breaks. 

Working with Jewelry Repair Services

The above DIY tips only cover a few types of jewelry. This means that most of the time, you’ll require the assistance of a goldsmith, silversmith, or another type of jeweler. Make sure that you hire a reliable jewelry repair company to make the most of your money. 

What To Expect From Jewelry Repair Services

First, the jeweler will have to check and examine the condition of your jewelry before placing a quote. They may require you to go back to the carrier of your jewelry in cases when the piece is beyond repair or requires unique spare parts. 

The length of time your jewelry will be repaired depends on the complexity of the problem. However, fixing a broken chain or ring resizing should take a short period and may be done within hours. 

Common Repairs

The following are some of the most common repairs done in a jewelry repair shop.

Ring Resizing

The ring is adjusted by soldering or cutting the shank to fit your desired size. 

Prong Repair

Prongs support the stone of a ring, and they may become misshapen over time due to wear and tear. The whole prong may have to be replaced in some instances. 

Chain Repair

When a necklace chain is broken, it may be fixed either by replacing the clasp or soldering the chain together. This can be a complex process depending on the material of the chain. 

Loose Stones

Never wear jewelry with loose stones, because there’s a good chance you’ll end up losing the stone. Bring the jewelry to your jeweler immediately for tightening.

Shank Repair

Wedding and engagement brands are prone to having fractured shanks due to wear and tear. The ring has to be reshaped and re-soldered if that’s the case. 

Contact a Jewelry Repair Company

You can contact reliable jewelry repair services near you if you currently have damaged jewelry. They offer a wide variety of jewelry repair services — from ring resizing to gemstone cutting. Remember that you cannot DIY every piece of broken jewelry you have. To ensure that your pieces remain sturdy for a lifetime, contact a jewelry repair company today.