How to Check if CBD Oil Expired?


Whether you include CBD oil or capsules in your wellness routine, you may be curious about their shelf life. If you are a frequent CBD user, you might be wondering does CBD oil expire? How do you know when it’s expired and what are the signs that CBD oil has expired?

People all over the world are integrating CBD oil into their daily regime due to its therapeutic benefits. If you are using CBD oil, you might be aware that it will take a month to use up the entire bottle. It might leave you asking yourself, can CBD oil expire?

Well, here you can get the answer to all your questions regarding CBD oil expiration, shelf life, and how to store it properly. 

How to know if CBD Oil has expired?

Generally, all the packaged items contain an expiration date that indicates whether or not it is past its prime. Similarly, the CBD oil label carries the expiration date. If the product label is falling off, you can use your sense to check the expiry signs.

Here is what to look for:

  • Expiration date

If you have recently found an old bottle of CBD sublingual oil buried in a drawer and wondered, does CBD oil expire? It will be best to start in the most obvious place – checking the expiration date. However, if there is no label, you can use other indicators too.

  • Appearance

How your CBD oil look depends upon the temperature and manner in which you store it. For instance, being in a refrigerator can give it a cloudy look. Do not let the appearance make you alarmed.

  • Taste

Trust your taste buds; a rancid taste is a sure sign it is too old. Usually, the unflavoured CBD oil tastes earthy and glassy. If you do not care for these flavors, the taste should still be palatable. However, if you use a flavored CBD oil blend, check the flavor as an expiration indicator.

  • Funky smell

Good CBD oil has an earthy, grassy, or nutty smell that does not seem unpleasant. If your CBD oil smells skunky, it is a sign of expiration. 

Will expired CBD oil make you sick?

No! The expired oil will not make you sick. However, with time cannabinoids and other ingredients degrades and lose potency. If you are using cease CBD oil, you may not get the therapeutic effects. 

Typically, CBD oil does not spoil or rancid like other oils, but it loses its effectiveness. You can check the shelf-life of CBD oil before using it. Generally, the shelf life depends upon the following factors:

  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Extraction process
  • Packaging
  • Storing

Storage Tips

CBD oil is sensitive to change in oxygen, temperature, and light, making proper storage a must if you want to preserve its potency and effectiveness.

Here are some tips for preserving the freshness of CBD oil:

  • Store oil at room temperature
  • Preserve it in original packing
  • Store oil in a dark place 
  • Use a clean dropper every time you take CBD oil
  • Always make sure to close the bottle properly

The Takeaway

CBD oil does expire, but the typical shelf life should be plenty, even if you do not take it regularly. Choosing a good quality product and storing it accurately; will help maintain its freshness and potency longer.