What is the Purpose of using the Rotary Laser Level?


The rotary laser level can be used both inside and out. Its main purpose is to achieve a consistent elevation horizontally or vertically. There are various types of laser level available on the market – however, the rotary can spin over 360 degrees and is brilliant for tiling, aligning kitchen units and levelling floors. 

Here are a few things you need to bear in mind when using the rotary laser level.

Perfect for outdoor use

Due to its excellent power outage, the rotary laser level can reach up to 50 metres and even up to 500 metres with a cell battery. It’s a perfect tool to use on construction sites, outdoors and for jobs that need tools with a long-stretching laser. 

A green laser level is brighter and more visible than a red laser. However, regardless of whether the laser is red or green, you will not be able to see the light outside. 

Useful for earthmoving 

In structural work, the rotary laser is an ideal tool for carrying out earthworks without too much difficulty. It is far easier to make the necessary marks for levelling work when you have a high-quality professional rotary laser level on hand. Construction workers appreciate the precision and stability of the rotary laser level. 

Maintain and care for your tool

You should maintain and care for your rotary laser as specified in the handbook. Always store it in a clean and dry area to make sure it remains in good condition. It’s worth investing in a high-quality tool initially to avoid maintenance and repair costs further down the line. Always use the tool as safely as possible and avoid buying a poor-quality laser. Bad-quality tools can injure you and damage your site.

You need some accessories

To operate the rotary laser safely and effectively, you need to invest in some additional equipment. These items are indispensable and essential for using your new rotary laser to the best of its ability. 


First up, you need a tripod to mount the laser on so you can take accurate measurements in all conditions. The laser will emit laser beams over 360 degrees. You may need to adjust the tripod legs to cater for uneven ground on your construction site. Please make sure the rotary laser is secured on the tripod and stable. Your laser may get damaged if it falls off the tripod and onto a hard surface.

Vision glasses

Laser beams can be difficult to see outdoors. Use vision glasses as recommended to see the laser better and evaluate whether your device is working adequately. 

A telescopic sight 

The sight is an essential part of taking measurements from a distance. A sight tool brightens the image using mirrors and lenses to magnify the area you are looking at. Look through the scope of the sight tool and see your target area.