Try These Plants to Give A New Look to Your House


Decorating your home with plants is one of the easiest ways to offer it a modern look. Also, plants make your home more welcoming for guests as well as your family members. You don’t need a vast space or yard to decorate your home with plants. You can add these elements of nature even in the indoor space.

If you want to get some plants to improve the looks of your house, here are some of the best-looking plants. These plants improve not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also the quality of air.


When you want to search the plants to decorate your home, orchids is one of the best options. Blooming orchids can give you the extra pop of color that you want to set your room off. Stylists and interior designers use orchids to decorate the interiors due to their sculptural silhouettes. No matter where you place orchid plants in your house, their bright and engaging colors are sure to attract attention.

Succulents & Cacti

Although green and vibrant, both are desert plant kinds and are well suited to settings that would be less accommodating to other types of decorative plants. They need only a little water and sunlight and are otherwise low maintenance, which makes them simple to maintain. Regarding the strength and longevity, these crops also have an exciting look that works well in interiors with a more contemporary design strategy because of their vertical shapes.

Hanging plants

Wall gardens are gaining popularity among the home designers and landscapers. There are plenty of hanging plants that you can use on the front exterior wall of your house. All you need is some tiny planters and hanging plants to build a fantastic wall garden for your home. By using individual planters instead of a number of racks, you can generate a straightforward yet exciting pattern that lets you use your crops not only as decoration pieces but also as wall art.

ZZ Plant

Also known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ plant is one of the lowest maintenance plants available. You need to water it only three to four times in a month. Also, it does not require plenty of light, and do not attract bugs and pests.

Spider plant 

The spider plant is another fantastic option that you can place in any part of your house. The bent leaves of the spider plant create curves that make a perfect contrast of light and dark green color.

Self-propagating, small, air-cleaning, and fairly Spider Plant will develop in low to bright indirect light, making it an excellent choice for home-dwellers or first-time parents.

Monstera Deliciosa

With its thick “Swiss-cheese” leaves and a tropical feel, this plant is an amazing plant that can flourish in any house. They can survive high and low sunlight and even develop under fluorescent lights. While you’re supposed to water your Monstera frequently, it can survive a missed watering now and then. The wide and dark green leaves of the plant are sure to attract the attention of your guests. You can contact plant care by Madera tree experts for more information.

Ficus Danielle 

If you have the square footage (and height) for a three-foot tree, Ficus Benjamina is a real statement-maker. With its twisted trunk and green, waxy leaves, the Ficus tree is simple to care for and needs medium to bright light. You don’t need to worry about humidity in the air, because Ficus trees are wonderful to adjust to these circumstances.

Chinese Evergreen

Also known as Cutlass Aglaonema, the Chinese evergreen plant can thrive in low light conditions. The plant can even survive in artificial light when required. The wide leaves of the plant are light green with dark spots and lines on the boundaries.

Ficus Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are small and perfect for the tiny homes and apartments. They are low maintenance trees and don’t require much water but need sunlight for survival. You can plant them in your gallery or any area of the house that receives direct sunlight. The tiny tree is sure to gain admiration from your guests.

Final Words

These are some fantastic plants that you can use in your house to improve its aesthetic appeal. Professionals like tree loppers Kings Langley also recommend using decorative plants to improve the looks of their house.