Digital Marketing Trends Beauty Sector Must Consider in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends Beauty Sector Must Consider

The beauty and personal care product market has grown exponentially during the past years. The cosmetic and beauty consumption market is estimated to reach around US$1.127 billion in 2018. The market is projected to continue to grow strongly; hence many beauty brands face it challenging to ensure their business survival and growth in today’s competitive market.

With the evolution of age, the way of marketing has also changed. As the digital world has boosted the beauty business, it becomes vital for them to find effective methods to connect to multiple customers. Beauty brands can use digital content, platforms, and channels to market their business online and drive more traffic to their brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Check Every Tip to Level Up Your Beauty Brand

The global personal care and beauty market is projected to reach around 500 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is estimated to grow and value about $716 billion in sales by the end of 2025. Moreover, following the global pandemic outspread, the beauty and skincare sector is experiencing the most significant decline during the last few years.

Due to massive disruptions, significant shifts in customer behavior, and store closures, it becomes vital for businesses to opt for digital channels to market and grow their business. Check a few digital marketing trends that have changed the way businesses leverage digital marketing.

Smooth Omni-channel Experience

Multi-channel experience has eclipsed the beauty sector; online users face different obstacles throughout the experience. Hence, it’s time for the industry to shift into an omnichannel experience. It’s defined as a process to provide customers with a consistent and seamless purchase experience. The advantage is that better customer service and experience result in improving sales and ensuring customers coming back.

To build a seamless experience, the beauty brand needs to merge in-store experience with capabilities through the presence. Allow your customers to scan all the details and try products virtually. Along with the feature, keep track of each product that beauty lovers want to purchase.

Regain Trust with Safety & Health-Focused Content

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COVID 19 pandemic has increased the importance of personal hygiene; hence it becomes vital for beauty and fragrance brands to become self-aware and mindful of their habits. It’s found that more than 73% of Southeast Asian customers become more health-conscious; the hygiene trend is here to stay.

If you’re planning or redesigning your marketing strategy, you can use various channels to engage more customers. Recognize the need for rebuilding confidence, use practical or rational interaction methods through different social media to achieve success. Even though your brand might be famous for an effective and straightforward product formula, you need to reinforce your brand value by making video content that helps you to win your customer’s trust.

Include Importance of Self Care in Your Message

From the past to this year alone, most customers have become socially aware of various problems like health, beauty, gender, and much more. It primarily holds for the beauty sector, closely linked to prospects’ self-esteem and confidence. Most customers are holding beauty brands accountable, and they require being recognized and create a strong relationship with the customers.

With the global pandemic spread, customers’ routine habits have changed drastically; now, most people prioritize their emotional, physical, and mental health. To enhance resonance, beauty brands can showcase beauty care routines adapted to the new norm and how their brand product can be used for better care.

Add Testimonials

A happy customer review is the best way of advertising your brand. And testimonials are the best way for an influencer, helping customers to make an intelligent decision. Shorten the customer research process by handling all the information related to the product.

Do customers share positive reviews about your brand? If yes, then you can share the same on your website page to drive users’ attention. You can add a product description along with it to watch the magic which takes place.

Curated Social Content

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It becomes essential for brands to provide engaging and great content on social channels. ATKearney’s study shows that digital beauty in Europe has increased to a great extent. Other than reasonable price and promotions, customers also demand:

  • Convenience;
  • Make a purchase online;
  • Get inspired by beauty ideas and makeovers.

Social media platforms are the best way to advertise for most brands. Beauty brands can make most of their existing customer base gather informative content for the channels, inviting followers to post pictures of how they wear the beauty products. You can use a product placement strategy like replace customers wearing makeup bags or other products of their choice.

Beauty brands must take the benefit of social channels to entice consumers to the stores. You can allow customers to use barcodes, view product descriptions, other reviews, and much more on social platforms as it helps you to gain customers’ trust and keep them coming.

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Online Virtual Experiences

For those who refuse to make purchases of a product in-store, beauty brands need to be better equipped to handle issues and doubts. Help customers to find which shade suits them? How can they find perfect eyeshadow? How can they use home hair removal? What is an ideal way to use the product? And much more. Beauty brands can enhance the customers’ virtual experience with modern AI, VR, and other technology.

Many brands offer an easy and fun tool to make it easier for customers to try different shades digitally. At the same time, it may help to provide a realistic experience to customers. Try practical and valuable ways that make it easier for you to enhance each prospect’s online virtual experience.

Leverage a Power of Video Content

Most women search for beauty tips online; they explore video content, makeup tutorials, natural beauty tips, and much more that help them enhance their look to a great extent. More than 68.5% of video search was for the top 200 beauty videos. Adverts make 7% of beauty content during the same interval.

Content marketers keep mentioning the power of video. Moreover, beauty brands’ budget limit when they have to create a compelling video piece for products. If you have decided to replace traditional display ads with product-centric videos. Video content has experienced 70% of growth, which helps to increase product awareness by 26%.

Summing It Up

The beauty sector has proven to be driving innovation. Brands need to consider a digital marketing perspective; they need to build effective marketing strategies to attack and retain customers. Use modern technology and marketing tactics to drive success in a competitive market.