How to Make Your App Go Viral: Steps to Follow for it!

How to Make Your App Go Viral

Every business entrepreneur is dreaming of having millions of downloads for their business app. They want their application to get virality; thus, they implement various approaches for advertising their app in the market. Still, they fail to grab the popularity which they expect to grasp in the app market.

Business entrepreneurs have to understand that achieving virality for the app is not an as easy task as they think. If you are willing to improve your app’s downloads and want to achieve virality with traditional marketing and advertising strategy, then it’s become quite tough. But by considering digital marketing strategy, they can easily advertise their business in the app market and can leverage various advantages that come on their way.

Achieve Massive Success in Your Business with Viral Apps

No matter which category your app follows or which type of application you have crafted for your business. It does not make sense whether you have developed gaming, entertainment, business, or any other application. What makes sense is how much more people download your app and use it on a regular basis.

Mobility solutions undoubtedly open wide opportunities for business entrepreneurs. It helps them to target a large audience base and increase their business sales in no time. Thus it becomes essential for businesses to focus on making their app go viral in the app market. And how can they do that? By considering some of the proven tactics, which are discussed below.

App Description

Once a visitor clicks on your app, they will like to know more about the working of your application. This is where the app description comes into existence; you must keep your app description very informative and engaging. You can use bullet points for listing out various features of your application, highlight reviews, and adding a call to action is one of the great marketing strategies.

Focus On App Content

More than 81% of U.S. customers make their purchase decision after seeing their friends’ social media posts. Word of mouth can be considered an effective way to advertise your business, and one of the best ways to leverage word of mouth is developing unique and engaging content for your prospective customers. There are numerous ways to use the content for improving representation of mouth among the consumers, they are:

  • Advertise your business app with curated content.
  • Share content on social media to enhance your customer base.
  • Use advanced tools to create engaging content to market your app.

App Icon

Try to develop an app with an eye-catching icon as the users will view your app icon first when it comes to downloading an app from the app store. If you want to hook your users for the first impression, then you must surely craft an application with an attractive icon that represents your business clearly. For example, if you are aiming to develop an app like spotify or other, then make sure to keep your app icon eye-catching. Also, ensure that your app icon represents your beauty business in front of your consumers at first glance.

Impact of Positive Reviews

Positive reviews play a significant role when it comes to gain huge popularity on the app store and increase the virality of your app. It would help if you tried to gain as many positive reviews as possible without being pushy to your potential customers. Positive reviews can not only improve your app store ranking but will attract more customers to have a look into your app.

Offer Rewards

You can encourage your ideal customers by offering them certain rewards while they use your application. If you want people to talk about your app and must share the reference with others, then you must surely offer them certain rewards while they use your application.

Referral Sharing

Around 92% of people believe those products and services which are recommended by their friends and family. And around 50% of purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth. Apart from all other advertising methods, referral sharing is one of the most powerful methods of advertising your app. Most of the big giants like Uber and Airbnb have also used this advertising method to gain huge popularity in the business industry.

Build Trust

Ensure people that your app is safe and secure for their use. Remember that if they feel that your product is secure and safe for their regular use then and then only they are going to use it. Thus try to win the trust of your prospective customers as it can help you to build strong relations which can’t be broken easily. You can use email marketing and push notification strategy to cater to the needs of your customers in no time.


Making an app viral is not an easy task as developing a good product. The virality of apps is something that every business entrepreneur aims to get; this is one of the main reasons for which U.S. entrepreneurs spend around $150 billion on advertising each year. If you want to enhance the virality of your app, then you can also take the help of the advertising industry who are having deep knowledge in the same field.