6 Essential Tips for Planning Your Swimming Pool

Essential Tips for Planning Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool is a great way to enjoy your property, get sunshine and exercise, and improve the overall value of your property. But building a swimming pool is an investment that requires time and money. It is important to plan out this process carefully so you know you are getting the most value and experience for your money. 

Whether you are looking for an elaborate in-ground pool, an above ground pool for ease, or a spa area for relaxing evenings – taking the time to plan ahead can save you time and money. 

6 Essential Tips for Planning Your Swimming Pool

Not sure where to start? Check out our 6 essential tips for planning your swimming pool that are sure to help you get started. 

  1. Plan Your Pool Area

Homes increasingly have less useable yard space, which can make planning for a pool installation quite difficult. It is not impossible, however. Pool contractors are also increasingly having to find ways around tight or unusual spaces. Pool contractors also have learned over the years how to maximize space by positioning pools and fencing in certain ways. This is the first step to planning your pool – plan the area carefully with your contractor. 

  1. Consider Pool Users

As you plan the area where the pool will go, the next step is considering who will be using the pool. Are you planning to use it for diving? For exercise? Or will kids be the primary users? These factors affect the type of pool and design. Do you need a sitting area? Shade? A water slide? Consider these factors as you begin planning with your contractor. 

  1. Select the Right Materials

Next in the planning process is deciding which materials you want to use to build your pool. Of course, there may be some limitations depending on the area you have to work with. But most people choose concrete, gunite, or fiberglass. Think about how you want the water to look – super blue, clear, or more natural? Do you want rocks, sand, or other natural features around the pool? These are all materials that affect the cost and overall installation process. 

  1. Factor in Ongoing Costs

The initial installation of your pool is not the only cost you should consider as you plan out your pool and accessories. Ongoing costs for a pool range from $50 per month, to several thousand per month, depending on what all features you have installed, heating, cleaning, chemical needs, and more. It is important to consider these costs when planning, as that may affect what all you decide to have added to your final plan. 

  1. Pool Safety

If you are planning to build a pool, you also need to plan to build safety features nearby. Most counties and homeowner’s associations require some type of fence or barrier to prevent accidents involving children and pets. You may also need special child-proof locks, a pool cover, and security cameras that allow you to monitor the area. Consider safety features when planning your pool building project so that safety can be built into your design.  

  1. Be Creative

Our final tip for planning your pool-building project is to be creative. This is YOUR pool, and it should reflect your aesthetic. Want a giant mural on one side? Go for it! Want a crazy mosaic at the bottom? Some pool contractors can work with tile artists. Really – the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a space that is all yours. 

As you work with your contractor to plan out the build, give them ideas that you are tossing around in your head. See what they have to say about incorporating those elements into the final draft. 

Need Help with Pool Planning?

Not sure where to start planning your pool project? Get inspiration from pool contractors in Delray Beach, FL. An experienced pool contractor can help bring your swimming pool dreams to life.