Things to Consider Before Buying a Vintage Leather Jacket

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vintage Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is one clothing item that is coveted by every fashionista. It is sleek, versatile, and blends seamlessly with every outfit. It provides a sporty edge to casual attire and elevates the style quotient of your overall look. 

Consequently, leather jackets have become prevalent in our closets since their inception in the early 1900s. The original design replaced zippers with buttons for the front closure, which the designer made a cutting-edge and daring move.  The clever design propelled the garment’s popularity, and it is still evident amongst the contemporary street style jacket.

Therefore, if you plan to splurge, consider buying a vintage leather jacket. The term “vintage” does not necessarily mean that the jacket is old and used. It can also refer to new jackets channeling the classic, old styles. 

Vintage leather jackets are popular amongst the masses as they retain the quintessential charm of the OG design. They do not feature over-the-top, overt designing but are simple in their construction with a tastefully faded appearance. Despite the simplicity in design, they look stylish.    

Following are some tips for buying the perfect vintage leather jacket:


The first step in choosing the perfect vintage leather jacket is to decide on a style. Since these jackets are available in various cuts and styles, the choice can be overwhelming. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to opt for a style that looks good on you. Next, since high quality leather jackets last for a long time, you want a coat that will not diminish in its sartorial power over time. Here are the most popular styles:

Biker jacket:

Biker jackets have been the most iconic style throughout the ages. There were initially worn by motorcyclist and constructed from a durable material, to withstand the elements and protect the wearer from the occasional accident.  

The edgy jackets are identified by their cropped length and a straight cut, so there are not form-fitting. They sport big collars with lapels that fold over each other and a zipper close to the top. They are often adorned with additional pockets, zippers, and buckles. 

Bomber jacket:

Bomber jackets evolved from the aviator jackets, traditionally used by pilots. They are trendy, practical, and versatile, with a simplistic design featuring a single central zipper, making them perfect for all ages. 

Bomber jackets have fitted waist and cuffs, usually with another fabric added to the jacket’s bottom and cuffs to keep the ends snug. Consequently, the jackets are warm, making them a staple for your fall and winter wardrobe.    

Racer jacket:

Racer jackets are the modern iteration of the biker jackets. While they have the smooth, straight lines of the biker jacket, they are more fashionable than practical. 

Racer jackets end just above the hips, and the silhouette gives an appearance of broad shoulders. These do not have any unnecessary detailing and feature short straight collars and straight sleeves without cinching at the cuffs. To summarize, racer jackets are chic, minimalistic, and streamlined. 

Flight jacket:

Flight jackets share many of their attributes with the bomber jacket. They look hip, stylish and make a bold statement. However, they are drastically different from their counterparts due to a prominent warm insulated lining, usually made with shearling. Other than that, the jackets have large collars and lapels, a single central zipper, and a straight silhouette.  


Since leather jackets are a long-term investment, the quality of the jacket matters immensely. You want something that will not show too many signs of deterioration over time and maintain its original looks. Therefore, make sure that the leather feels slightly smooth to the touch but not plastic smooth.

The texture should appear irregular, distressed, and full of grains. Since vintage jackets are known for their faded appearance that channels a distinctive charm and charisma, you do not want the coat to appear too synthesized and perfect.

As a rule of thumb, jackets manufactured with fewer panels are considered to be of better quality. Moreover, all the pieces should have a similar appearance. Occasionally, manufacturers make jackets out of leftover leather pieces to save cost.    

Make sure that all the stitching is even, pristine, and holds well against any tugging. Evaluate the stitch pattern around the detailing as well, including the zippers, pockets, and lining. Neat stitching shows that a lot of time and effort has been invested in creating a quality product. Finally, ensure that all the zippers are of premium quality and function smoothly without any snags.       


The leather jackets are no longer limited to the dark end of the spectrum. You can find them in the most outrageous colors, such as red, white, yellow, and blue. However, the vintage look is best achieved in browns and black hues. These colors are the true representation of the traditional style and compliment almost every outfit.


How well you want your vintage leather jacket to fit is a personal preference. However, choose a flattering and enduring fit because quality leather jackets are a one-time buy since they last for years to come. 

Even though oversized jackets are all the rage these days, it is a fad that may not look very appealing in the coming years. Therefore, opt for a size that accommodates layers during the colder days but does not look too bulky when worn over a summer dress. Pay attention to how well the jacket fits around the shoulders, and the lengths of the sleeves should not exceed your wrists. Ideally, the jacket should not be bigger than two sizes.   


Vintage leather jackets are the epitome of style and everlasting vogue. They are the most hardworking piece in your closet, with endless styling opportunities. Therefore, if you plan to splurge on a vintage leather jacket, make sure it is of the highest quality, with a style and fit that flatters your frame.