3 Ways to Improve Your Workout Game

Workout Game

Getting back into the fitness game after 2020 is going to take some serious attitude and habit changes. For best results, structure your life so your workout is a crucial portion of your day. Don’t relegate it to the activity you do when you have free time.

Make Your Workout a Foregone Conclusion

One of the benefits of good habit building routines is that you generally develop good habits, which means you can at least get the chance to wander by your goals. For example, if your goal is to get in a daily walk, either get a dog leash or get to know your neighbor’s dog. The dog has to walk, so you have to walk.

Set up your morning so your workout is the first step in your day. Put out shoes and workout gear in a place where you’ll stumble on them as soon as you get out of bed. Prep the coffee pot so you’re just one button away from the caffeine you need to get rolling.

If you are still struggling to get out of the house and get moving, enlist the aid of a friend. Your nicest acquaintance won’t work in this case. You need a friend who will call and nag you until you put on your workout gear and meet them in the parking lot or at the gym.

Put Supplements to Work for You

If you have a hard time getting moving, check out the energy-boosting Cellucor supplements online. You can find products that will give you the power to get started, even if your morning energy is traditionally low.

Cellucor product offerings also include a whey-based protein shake that will not only fill you up after a workout but greatly reduce the risk of sore muscles. While soreness does indicate growth and progress, if you’re so sore you skip the next three days, you’ve overdone it. Whey-based protein is quickly absorbed by the body and put to work on those tiny muscle tears that will fill in overtime.

Finally, consider using a fat-burning supplement to help knock off that quaran-tummy. If you’re struggling to shed the weight you put on in 2020, you’re not alone. There are many supplements that claim to help you lose weight without exercise, but that is generally not a good long-term solution. Try the Super HD for energy and fat burning power.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve never lifted weights before, spend some time with a personal trainer. They may ask you to do some activities or movements that feel a little silly. You may wind up lifting tiny weights while you get your form in proper alignment. However, working out with a trainer means that your body will learn the proper alignment and correct form before you add additional weight or resistance on the bike.

You may feel silly lifting the three-pound pink weights. However, you will feel much more silly if you bonk yourself in the skull with a weight that you lost control of because your form was bad. One bad move at the weight bench can mean months of pain, rehab, and even surgery. Start small and work with an observer who knows their stuff so you can lift correctly, then add weight.

This is particularly critical when working flat. You may be tempted to push yourself when working the chest or leg press. However, in the event that you lose it with one of the big bars, you could

  • hurt your knees or back as you try to work out of the leg press as it’s coming down
  • drop the chest press bar on your neighbor’s foot
  • catch the chest press bar on your neck or in your teeth

Gym fails may look funny on video, but a dumbbell drop or a chest press failure can cause serious damage.

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You may be out of commission for a while as sore muscles heal. Explaining your broken tooth to your dentist will be humiliating. Finally, going about your day with a fat lip or a bruise across your throat will lead to a lot of embarrassing conversations. Start small and work with someone who knows their stuff.