10 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Fitness App

A tremendous change brought to the world by the novel Coronavirus has rung many dusted bells. People have literally managed to hold their horses while sitting back & witnessing their surroundings taking an entire new shape. A similar but inevitable change occurred (not overnight though) in the fitness industry as well. The impact of social distancing made people realize the importance of in house workout with little or no heavy weight lifting equipment.

Most of the individuals who fell in the pit of gaining weight and losing track of their daily consumption considering the comfortable environment the trending “Work from home” quotient created, have now pulled their socks up and are gearing up for some intense in house workout. The need of fitness apps is undeniably the need of the hour, the ones who could support us in our journey without a gym trainer.

Top 10 Fitness Apps For Android Worth Downloading

While there are plenty of fitness apps available on play store, we have a list of popular apps to help you in shortlisting the ones that are totally worth it. This is not to confuse you but to allow you to make a suitable selection after knowing what lies inside. Based on what one intends on achieving, the list below consists of different apps known to encourage you for achieving your goals. Get going already!

  1. My Fitness Pal

Since it all begins at eating, you might want to start your own journey of staying fit by incorporating My Fitness Pal in your routine. The app will suggest which food is filled with unnecessary calories and which is not. It is going to be a seamless experience with the app for tracking your calorie intake throughout the day. While knowing your consumption is good, My Fitness Pal would definitely encourage you for exercise and keep you updated with the statistics. A perfect blend of calorie counting features and regular exercise statistics makes the app so popular and the first one to be mentioned in the list.

  1. Workout Trainer

Are you missing your coach? If yes, the Workout Trainer is the remedy you have been looking to fill that space of a personal trainer. We understand how critical of a role a trainer tends to play in our lives, you would have put a lot of faith and together both of you remained determined on your personal goal. The app provides you a plethora of workout programs along with video instructions. You could also pick a trainer of your choice who would be happy to guide you throughout the journey with the help of interactive training photos, audios and videos. The app is available for free, even better right?

  1. Daily Yoga

The popularity of yoga is evident. While exercise pushes one to the limit and leaving us breathless, Yoga on the other hand speaks highly of finding a comfortable pose and not suffering through it. In fact, for those who love their mornings to not be filled with loud workouts are sure to indulge in yoga instead. The calmness that a regular yoga session fills you with is unimaginable. Daily Yoga is an effective app for the implementation of both yoga and meditation in your daily morning routine. There are more than 50 yoga classes along with 400+ poses and the music to your ears. Typical yoga sessions fall anywhere between 5-70 minutes depending on one’s need. You would be glad to find your own meditation guide on this particular app.

  1. MyPlate

Although the name reminds one of My Fitness Pal, there is a reason for MyPlate finding a spot in the list. While MyPlate is also an all-in-one fitness app for providing calorie intake count, workout statistics and weight management, there is an added advantage with MyPlate. Unlike My Fitness Pal, the nutritional analysis available on MyPlate is for free. Now who doesn’t like freebies? The app would ask for important details while registering such as your current weight & fitness level and your desired weight. Based on the information provided, the app would calculate your nutritional needs for each day. Awesome right?

  1. Sworkit

Given the flexibility that Sworkit provides, it is a great choice for beginners. At beginner’s level the gradual movement from easy to difficult levels plays a crucial role. Too much intensity at the start might scare a beginner off. You would have the flexibility to choose among Yoga, Cardio and Stretching. It is also easier to select your own amount of time spent on workout since the app automatically creates relevant workout for you. If someone has any question or concern, an assistant is also provided through the app. The variety of workouts is meant to keep the spirit up since being a beginner it is easier to get bored. Have fun experimenting!

  1. Headspace

Does the name ring a bell? Well, there is definitely something to with your head. Headspace is a great app for those who prefer meditation over anything else and are excited to incorporate the same in their daily routine. While meditation is often considered as a closure in yoga, it could also be implemented at the start for a stress free warm-up. We all imagine meditation as sitting quietly whereas there is definitely more to it. Headspace would help you in understanding the real essence and the way meditation is done properly. You could choose your programs based on the focus area such as anxiety, sinusitis, migraine attack, hormonal imbalance and chronic pain.

  1. Openfit

For those who enjoy being a part of a live setting, Openfit allows you to enroll for live fitness classes. It is pretty effortless to just register through your phone, find the classes you are interested in and enroll for the same. You could be a part of an ongoing live class, sure to not miss the fun before pandemic! The better part, Openfit also gives you the luxury to enroll for a class ahead in time and put on your calendar. In case for some reason you happen to miss the class, watch the recorded videos instead. There are plenty of choices on the app among Pilates, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Yoga, Stretching and more. Switch on the camera if you like and let the trainer give you a real time feedback too.

  1. Abs Workout

Are you literally dying to get those popular six pack abs everybody fantasizes about once in lifetime? Well there is good news. A strict manual consisting of 6 everyday exercises for a period of 42 days is sure to please you. However we suggest keeping an alternative where you could have a trainer guide you throughout the process of gaining six pack abs.

  1. 30 Days Fitness Challenge

Some of us work really well under pressure and are known to make the most out of limited time in hand. This particular app is sure to make its way into your phone if you are someone who loves challenges. a 30 days fitness challenge would allow you to get that desired body weight & shape within 30 days while laying down clear instructions including a food chart, nutrition facts, workout routines and plans. The app will keep you up & running while encouraging you to complete a daily task. Another app Google fit which is focused on statistics is synced with a 30 days fitness challenge app and allows more clarity on calories burned and daily workout.

  1. The 7 Minute Workout

The last but not the least, an app for all those busy bees out there. We understand how under tough survival a single minute plays an important role. If you know you cannot take out a lot of time for workout, the 7 minute workout app would agree with your busy schedule and create a suitable environment for you. We realize 7 minute is not a lot to ask for, isn’t it? The rules are clear where your daily routine would appear as threefold. Begin with a basic workout, and then 7 minutes focused on your abs or a seven minute high intensity sweat session.  You would love the assistance provided which is pre workout demonstrations.


Health is wealth! We often hear this or have heard it many times in the past but little do we care. Regardless of your work priorities we highly recommend considering incorporating a morning ritual that kick starts your day and gives an equal boost to your overall health & fitness. What could that be? Well, a daily exercise is sure to keep you in shape & free from illness.

Since the pandemic has changed the way we lived until now, it is necessary to embrace the new normal. The above mentioned apps would ensure required maintenance of social distancing while allowing you to keep up with several fitness goals at the comfort of your home. We also suggest taking a demo before subscribing and may be having more than one app to help you in achieving different goals for yourself. After all, health is wealth!