4 Crucial Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral in 2020


Viral content is what can help you grow your brand’s reputation online rapidly. From a toddler singing a song to a Parrot dancing on “Hakuna Matata”, with the right timing and platform, you can make this content go viral within minutes. However, when it comes to operating a business, your blogs and on-page content are what you should be targeting to promote. One of the best platforms to invest your times and resources on in this approach are social media channels.

Are you running a B2C or global B2B marketplace? Well, regardless of which type of business you own, content is your ticket to achieving the impossible.  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat can all transform your brand and make your content viral in no time. However, in order to make that happen, you have to follow the four tips we have highlighted for you today.

Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

#1. Choose the Right Topic or Trend

The first and most crucial step in creating viral content is choosing the best topic to cover. Many things are hitting the news every day; you can either choose to cover what others are going for, or simply come up with something unique. Though you may find greater success in something unique, the challenge is greater.

Our advice to you is to utilize Google Trends to see what people are actually searching for on this search engine. In order to generate immense organic traffic, getting ranked on Google is what your goal should be. Therefore, choosing topics according to the searches being made can help you actually grab a spot on the first page. However, that can only be possible with quality and original content.

#2. Create Content Worth Sharing 

Once you know which topic to cover to grab the attention of your audience, you have to work towards creating great content. Make sure that your content is better than anything on the internet. Make that happen, and your content will definitely outshine in the virtual world. To start, go through other blogs that are either covering a hint of what you plan, or have already written something, similar. After that, brainstorm ideas about how you can add more value to it or do it better. Content with an emotional touch and the ability to either move the audience or make them shed a tear has the highest chances of going viral.

The emotion developed through your content isn’t as important. However, the fact that you made them feel ‘something’ is what really matters here. The internet is flooded with useless content that no one even bothers to go through. Avoid coming up which such content and plan your moves to turn the table in your favor.

#3. Understand Your Audience

Once you are ready with the initial plan and outline of what your content will look like, you have to determine your audience. For e.g. if you are running a B2C online women’s clothing store, then you’d obviously produce content that teenage girls or newly married ladies would admire. On the other hand, if you are a sports equipment manufacturer, your content will be mostly about sports and your audience will have an interest in it.

By choosing your target audience, a content producer can come up with a piece that is more engaging and interesting. Though you have to go through a few experiments to understand your target audience, once you know your space, it won’t take you long to generate traffic through your business blog.

#4. Make it Appealing

Are you aware that infographics have become one of the most visually shared types of content online? Well, visual content has grown in importance over the past couple of years. That’s why we suggest that you add high-quality images, infographics and even short clips in your blog to make it more appealing to your target audience. In addition, now you can even utilize Gifs and Memes in your content to enhance life in the blog. This tactic is not appreciated only by general internet users, but by Google also.

Google loves content, but quality and information are critical priorities in the ranking factor of leading search engines. Therefore, while creating content, make sure that you make the necessary efforts to give the best you can with your final draft.

Wrap Up

No matter how many blogs or other forms of content you publish online, without making it go viral you’ll never see a rapid increase in your traffic. Therefore, start planning today and follow the steps we have mentioned above. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to witness your content receive immense traffic regularly.