The Top 5 Reasons To Use WordPress Web Development To Boost SEO

WordPress Web Development

App development companies are constantly preaching about the importance of search engine optimization. This is especially true of experienced app development companies. WordPress is often recommend by these app development companies because of its ability to assist a client from a content management standpoint.

Business owners of all sizes rely on WordPress on an everyday basis nowadays. There are a number of reasons for the shift but search engine optimization is at the top of the list. No online business can plan for the future without considering SEO in depth. The most successful companies rely on WordPress for their search engine optimization assistance and now it is time to take a closer look at the key benefits.

By combining the assistance of app development companies with the assistance of other experienced firms, a company can truly get the most out of their WordPress site. Those who are looking for more answers when it comes to WordPress web development and SEO are urged to read on.

#1. Better Social Media Integration

Of course, social media integration and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Google is always more likely to look favorably upon a website with a helpful and informative social media presence. There are far too many online marketers who are not willing to consider the benefits of social media. This causes their search engine optimization to suffer as a result.

Social media engagement is pivotal. With WordPress, the client can install the correct plugins that are designed to increase this engagement. If an interested browser is looking to learn more about a brand or company, they are more likely to head to a social media page than anyplace else. Social media buttons need to be added, so that the sharing process is even easier for visitors.

#2. Smartphone Popularity

Let’s face it, most people are not going to be sitting down at a personal computer to access a WordPress site. They are going to be using their smartphone or a tablet. WordPress removes all of the guesswork that is associated with this process by offering optimized themes. These themes are already compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices and the client does not have to take further steps after meeting with app development companies.

Once the website is in the process of being customized, the site runner has the chance to view the appearance of the finished product across all pertinent devices. Sure, all themes should be responsive in a perfect world. That does not mean that they will be. If the site does not load properly, this can and will negatively affect search engine rankings.

#3. Increased Site Speeds

This is one of the primary benefits associated with WordPress and the ripple effects as they relate to SEO are very important. Site speeds are not always included in ranking factors and this can cause clients to believe that it is not pivotal. However, sites that are very slow tend to be banned by Google’s search engine and this is obviously the furthest thing from ideal.

With WordPress, these problems fall by the wayside because there are no shortage of excellent themes that meet any and all needs. If site speed remains problematic over the long haul, there are any number of plugins that are designed to help out. WordPress sites are simply not slow when they are being used in the proper manner.

#4. Creating a Better User Experience

Site loading times are used to measure a site’s effectiveness when it comes to SEO but the user experience is also of great importance. Search engines will often measure the amount of time that is spent on the site by the user. If visitors are leaving a site in droves before they have had a chance to look around, this is bad news.

App development companies preach about the importance of the user experience and for good reason. WordPress helps clients to address any potential issues with the usage of Google Analytics. High bounce rates are an indicator that the user is enjoying a poor experience. From there, the site runner can make the necessary tweaks and enjoy a much higher ranking on the search engines of their choice.

#5. Aesthetically Pleasing Permalinks

Permalinks are not always considered by those who are looking to use WordPress to increase search engine optimization….but they should be. Thanks to WordPress, the format for permalinks is much more pleasing to the eye. When permalinks are designed to be as beautiful as possible, click through rates increase in a manner that is rather significant.

After all, it does make perfect sense, right? The average browser is far more likely to click on a link that does not look ugly on their screen. This is one of those principles that a company might ignore but it makes far too much sense in retrospect. When permalinks do not get the same traction as they should, Google lowers search engine rankings and harms the site’s traffic.

The owner of the site and the users of the site are going to benefit equally. Since WordPress has a great deal of features and tools that are not always available elsewhere, a more immersive search engine optimization experience is created. According to expert research, WordPress is the best content management system for companies who are looking to increase their level of SEO. Best of all, this is not slated to change anytime soon.