Different Types of Pre-employment Background Check & Verifications for Top Organizations

Pre-employment Background Check

Hiring the right person for a job is not that easy as it looks on the surface. Even some of top organizations err on this front and then rue their decision later on. In most cases, companies hire the wrong person due to not adhering to the due diligence in such cases. When a hiring goes wrong, it shows that the recruitment and screening process is not up to the mark.

In fact, bad hiring can cost a lot of money and even bring in question the entire process in place a company has for finding the right talent. And if a premier company, whether in the field of IT or Finance or Banking etc. can’t get their hiring right, what else would you expect from those not endowed with resources.

So, the question is obvious – how can organizations get their hiring right? And more importantly, how can then avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong person?

Well, the answer is, pre-employment background check. With the services of background check so common around, it should not come to this pass when a company has to repent their hiring down the line. After all, any organization needs the right human resource to succeed and when the hiring itself is not failsafe, how can it expect to compete with the best in the world?

Let’s look at the types of background check any company can benefit from to bolster their recruitment process –

Pre-employment Background Check 

It’s important for a top company to benefit from pre-employment background check with the goal to have a detailed verification on the candidate in line for job. Such checks become even more important when the hiring is done for middle and senior level management employees as their sit high in the hierarchy and are involved in big decisions. There are a lot of things to verify about the potential employee like their professional claims in the bio data, any criminal record against them, employer sanction, disciplinary matters or anything that needs clarity about the person in consideration.

Here are some of different aspects that organizations may look to check on the potential employee before hiring them for the job –

1- Verification related to education and job background 

It’s important to run a detailed investigation on the potential employee regarding their education and job background. In this, a lot of things are there to be known including their claims of qualifications, their university, and marks. It’s also vital for any company to know the actual reason behind the applicant’s search for a new job or the cause of their exit from the previous organization. And yes, no organization should hire anyone before having clarity over the detailed break of their last drawn salary.

  1. Verification related to medical and criminal history 

It’s important to verify the medical history of the application to be sure whether he/she is hiding some illness that may cause issue to the performance and productivity. Similarly, it’s also important to check on their criminal record of any nature whether fraud, misconduct etc. Some organizations go as far as asking for verification into the social reputation and family composition of the potential employee.

  1. Verification on applicant’s competency integrity level in earlier job

Pre-employment verification can also be done to find information on the potential employee’s competency level in the previous job. It’s also possible to get information about their track record in working in the team, their comfort level with managing project deadlines and meeting project timelines. And above all, it’s important to have concrete information about the integrity level and professionalism of the prospective employee together with an understanding of their working relationships with colleagues in the previous job.

  1. Verification related to ethics, temperament issues and character    

A good organization will always go for pre-employment verification to get insight into the temperament and character and ethics of the person it plans to hire for senior level. Some of key things to verify may include, potential employee’s records of issues with colleagues or superiors (fights and strife included), their voices and bad habits (drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling), any involvement in sex offence in the workplace and information on habit of womanizing.


A good organization will always look to hire detective services in Mumbai so that its hiring and screening can get right and so that it can find the best talent for the job.