How To Travel With Your Pet During Covid-19

How To Travel With Your Pet During Covid-19

Pet owners understand how difficult it is to leave their favorite companions with other people when they need to travel urgently. Even if you are going on a vacation or need to make a short trip, not knowing if the person you are leaving your pet with can adequately take care of them can be stressful and interfere with how much you enjoy your time away from home. Fortunately, you do not have to let your pet stay with people when you can travel with it wherever you go.

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The essential thing is to understand how to travel with your pet without causing it any discomfort or affecting other people’s comfort. Mentioned is a rundown of some of the worthwhile ways to ensure your pet is safe when traveling with it during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Find out what works based on the basic guidelines allowed.

Preparing to Travel With a Pet

Even before you decide which means of transport to use when traveling with your pet, there are certain basic things you must prepare for. First, you should be aware that pets are not humans and that their tolerance levels may be lower than humans. Do everything possible to ensure that they are comfortable and ready for the big trip. Some of the things you must have with you include a first aid kit, just if the pet gets ill as you travel. You also need to pack its foods and supplements. Pets can be comforted by having a few familiar things around them.

In addition to your presence, having the food they are used to can quickly calm them down. One more essential thing is to ensure that you visit the veterinarian to confirm that the pet is fit for the journey ahead. It should be checked thoroughly and cleared for travel, especially during this pandemic season. You want to minimize your movement in and out of facilities you are not familiar with. Once you know everything is right, you can proceed to pick the means of transport from the options below.

Traveling with Your Pet on an Airplane

You can travel with your pet via different means, starting with driving in your car, flying in an airplane, or traveling via ship if you are cruising the ocean. Whatever means of transport you use, make sure it is safe and comfortable for the pet. When flying, people have two primary options. You can choose to have the pet travel with you where you carry it on your seat or carry it in the cargo section. You will need to use special Expandable Dog Crates for the cargo option when moving your dog or other specialized carriers for different types of pets.

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However, before flying with your pet, you need to find out the airline’s policies you intend to use. For instance, some airlines have restrictions on the types of pets that can travel on board. While some airlines are strict and tough on their pet rules, others are very friendly. Generally, though, most airlines that allow for pets to come on board with other passengers require that the dogs be small in size. When bringing the pet on board, it is a requirement that you have it in a well-ventilated pet carrier that can go under the seat.

Moreover, there are exceptions as long as the pet meets the service and supports animal travel guidelines. The pet can sit on the owner’s lap or the floor space between the two passengers in such cases. While there may be no restrictions on size when a dog passes these regulations, owners should consider talking to the airline to find out what works for them. This will help minimize any inconveniences.

Usually, the pet counts as a carry-on item. If it fails to fit into the carry-on space, it may not be allowed on board and may need to go through the cargo section. Besides this, when traveling, make sure you consider the age limits put in place. Most airlines will only allow pets over eight weeks old to go onboard in the cargo section. It is essential to find out if the airline you intend to use during this pandemic season allows for pet services since some airlines canceled the use of pet cargo services because it is not profitable.

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Apart from that, most airlines also prefer when the pets are onboard instead of carrying them as part of the cargo. Cargo pet services can be risky, hence the reason why most airlines keep away from them. It is not surprising that most pet cargo services have been suspended indefinitely in most airlines, which may continue to be so if the pandemic stays on. When a vaccine is available, it is a good idea to use other means when traveling with your pet. The bottom line is always to ensure you understand the airline’s policy if you intend to fly with your pet.

Travelling Via Road

Consider going on a road trip if you have to travel with your pet. This is a more convenient and comfortable way, especially if you are using your car. Your pet is familiar with the vehicle, and the routine of traveling on the road is not complicated. Get a well-ventilated crate or carrier if you have to keep the pet under some leash. Alternatively, use a harness or safety belt, especially if the pet is a big one like a large-sized dog. If you plan on using a carrier, ensure that it is well-secured and safe.

It mustn’t move around and wear a collar or tag just if it escapes. Just as you do when traveling on a plane, make sure you understand the road travel regulations with pets. It would be best if you certainly got your pets vaccinated against rabies. Some states will also need an inter-state travel permit or something related to that. There must be proof that you are allowed to cross different states or regions with your pet. Prepare to make numerous stops for the pet’s bathroom sake.

These stops will also help the pet move around to ensure that it is very comfortable. Be careful to bring enough water and food to feed your pet when used to avoid stressing it. It is possible to fail to see water spots along the road, which can be agitating if you do not have enough water to give your pet. Finally, when traveling on rented vehicles, understand the policies if your pet damages the car in any way. Always return the rental when it is clean and free from any pet fur or waste.

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When Using the Ship

Not many cruise ships will allow pets on board. In most cases, even those that are flexible will require that the pets be confined in a kennel and not allowed in private cabins. It is tough during the pandemic season, as a directive generally discourages people from traveling on cruise ships.

The Level 3 Travel Health Notice further emphasizes ship travel restrictions. People are encouraged to travel using other means or stay at home if they don’t need to travel. If you must travel by ship, be sure to quarantine 14 days after returning from your trip. In case you find a ship or boat service that allows people to travel with their pets, be sure to keep checking its kennel to ensure that no elements interfere with it.

Traveling via Train

The other standard travel method is via a train. It is a more comfortable option compared to air travel. Most trains will allow pets up to 20 pounds heavy for at least 7 hours. However, for your pet to be allowed into the train, it must have a recommended pet carrier. Find out what specifications are required by most train services before making any bookings. The very last thing you would want to be is being disappointed when you turn back on the day of your trip.

Most trains will require that you feed the pets and exercise them at stopovers to ensure that your pets are not disturbing other passengers. Besides that, some trains allow pets to get on board the train to sit beside the owner’s legs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you plan on traveling by road, air, train, or ship, bringing your pet along can be a plus or the most stressful experience you have. It would be best if you prepared beforehand and ensure that your pet is comfortable with the upcoming trip. First-time travelers should do everything to ensure that their pets are comfortable.

If you are unwilling to leave the animal at home with someone you trust, be ready for the hard work ahead since traveling with an animal may not be the easiest thing to do. Find out all the legal regulations one must meet before they are allowed to bring along their pet. You may also need to look at the traveling service providers’ policies before making any payments or bookings. However, when you sort everything out in advance, this can be a marvelous experience since you do not have to separate from your companion.