Best Tools to Embed Twitter Widget on your Squarespace Website

Best Tools to Embed Twitter Widget on your Squarespace Website

Twitter is counted amongst the most influential social media platforms, as it consists of a huge user base. The platform claims to have about 192 million daily active users. Such a user-base also captures the attention of the businesses and marketers as they look at it as an opportunity to capture more audience.  

And as there is a huge shift towards online buying and e-commerce, businesses are paying high emphasis on their online presence. This is where Squarespace comes as a savior as it is one of the best website-building platforms with around 2.5 million live websites (source).

With businesses putting more effort to increase the performance of their website to attain growth in the business, businesses are actively embedding Twitter widget on Squarespace website. We all know that Twitter is a great platform that provides needed information in less time and keeps the view updated regarding any particular topic. Therefore marketers prefer Twitter widgets.

Many tools are easily available on the internet that provide you with a dedicated Twitter widget that helps you collect Twitter feeds and display them on your website. For your convenience, we have listed the best tools that help you in embedding Twitter Widget on Squarespace website.

Best handpicked tools to embed Twitter Widget on Squarespace Website

Twitter feed helps increase the performance of your website as it makes the website vibrant, engaging, and interactive, thus helps in capturing more web traffic and eventually helps you gaining brand recognition and attaining more sales. And these tools can help you to get these :

  • Tagembed 

Tagembed is one of the renowned social media aggregators that helps you aggregate social media feeds and display them as unified presentations on your screen. It offers you a dedicated Twitter widget that helps you collect Twitter feeds from your desired source (like hashtag, handle, mention, etc.) and display them on your website. Alongside Twitter it is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms providing you with a huge social media feed to showcase to your visitors. The tool is one of the best in the market because it eases the embedding process and provides various features at budget-friendly prices. You can sign up for free and embed a Twitter widget on your squarespace website. 

It also allows you to customize the widget and personalize it by changing its font size, font style, background, and more to match it as per your style. Thus, it helps you to enhance the visual appeal of your website. Moreover, the widget is compatible to stream images and videos on the website without affecting its speed. It provides a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to the size of the screen.

Also, it provides the moderation feature that helps you to filter out all irrelevant and unwanted content from your website feed. You can even opt for auto-moderation, where the tool will automatically remove all the posts containing given keywords and block the feeds from the mentioned Twitter handle.

  • SociableKIT

SociableKIT is one of the most trusted tools as thousands of businesses and professionals use the tool for their respective solutions. The tool has a huge user base portfolio that consists of some huge brands as well.

The tool helps you collect Twitter posts from the platform and displays them with ease on the website. It also allows you to customize the widget as per your website’s style and makes your website look more professional and pleasing to the eyes of the website. 

Twitter widgets help to enhance the visuals of your website and hence increases the brand reputation. Also by showcasing the tweets from using your Twitter handle, you can provide a sneak into your Twitter existence that helps to strengthen your Twitter strength.

  • Embed Social

Embed Social is a popular tool that helps in embedding social media feed on your Squarespace website. With the help of this tool, you can collect Twitter feeds for your website and display it on your website. It also provides the facility to create multiple feeds for the multiple pages on Squarespace. 

Moreover, the tool provides full control over the widget that means you can monitor the widget and remove all the irrelevant tweets and posts from the feed of your website. And maintain the quality of your website. With multiple layout options, you can show tweets from your desired source in a beautiful way.

Also, with the ‘load more’ option, visitors can scroll through the infinite tweets and engage themselves with content on display.

Summing It Up

If you are thinking of using Twitter for your marketing purpose, then you are on the right track. While businesses often restrict themselves by using the platform within the platform boundaries, you can have the edge over your competitors by adopting the strategy of embedding the Twitter widget on the website. You can use the tool mentioned above and achieve your desired target. You can find these tools with ease and instal it without any hassle.