How to Relieve Tension and Stress After a Hectic Day

How to Relieve Tension and Stress After a Hectic Day

Do you feel it hard to switch off after a never-ending day at work? Or you feel exhausted and emotionally drained due to such a stressful lifestyle that causes mood switches, anxiety, and lack of enthusiasm? This probably means you’re under a lot of pressure and stress, and that is the right moment to do something about it.

Making small pauses after hectic days and spending time on your own rules can have a great influence on your well-being. For that reason, we decided to present to you why relaxing is so important and what techniques to use in order to relieve tension and stress while juggling responsibilities between your family, work, and friends.

Turn off Your Phone

One of the greatest achievements of the contemporary world is at the same time the most significant problem, too. We are all just way too connected to everyone. The boundaries between your working and private space may be pretty vague, and this is because of the possibility to always be in touch with all the happenings in real-time.

We bet you’ve merged all your email accounts on your phone and that notifications of a new email or message are received very often. Which is the best way to keep you away from your time for relaxation. This is why one of the best solutions would be to simply turn off your phone, or at least the message sounds, which will help you stay away from all potential stress activators that could interrupt your relaxing hours.

Dedicate to Your Hobbies and Learn Some New Skill

Hobbies are another great way to organize your free time and relax from exhausting and monotonous everyday duties. Whether you like singing in a choir or want to give your contribution to the community and volunteer for charities, or you were always dreaming of attending that pottery course or learn Greek, you should definitely dedicate some time to fulfilling your personal interests along with work.

Discovering your personal talents and authentic way of expressing your emotions can be a very successful technique to fighting stress and reducing it to quite a bearable level.

Organize Your Relaxation Corner

Your home should be a kind of a relaxation oasis. For that reason, organizing a relaxation corner within your home could help you get into relax mode much easier. Imagine that little urban garden on your balcony filled with colorful flowers, plants, and lanterns while you’re sitting on the cozy ottoman bean bag, drinking a coffee, and read your new favorite book. Sounds ideal, right?


Physical activity is another great way to control tension. Whether you like intensive sports, such as running, working out at the gym, martial arts, or you prefer dancing, going to pilates, or yoga (which is scientifically recognized as a way for improving the general health), physical activity is one of the best solutions to deal with stress.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose an individual or group sport. For example, if you choose yoga, you can easily combine it with meditation. Or, you can choose some group sport and ask your friends to join you. This way, you will have enough time to share such precious time with your friends and do something useful for your body and mental health as well. In case you’re not a sporty type, then taking regular walks along the beach or somewhere close to nature will be quite enough to organize your free time and do something beneficial for yourself.


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 13% of Australians, or more precisely, 2.4 million people aged 18 and over, experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress, including anxiety and depression. Which is a considerable number of people to deal with those problems. For that reason, meditation is one of the most common techniques recommended for stress relief. According to many medical studies, meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety or chronic pain and mitigate or prevent other conditions such as depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, and many more.

So, instead of starting your day checking your phone, turn on some relaxing music and try to meditate and clear your thoughts for at least 15 minutes. It will not only make you calmer, but it also will help you sharpen focus and face all the stressful situations easier.

Relax and Take Time to Dedicate Yourself

This is actually the best recipe for your well-being. Placing the boundaries and separating personal and working time is the first step to prevent feeling overwhelmed and emotionally and mentally drained. This is also the best way of avoiding burnouts, which are increasingly prevalent among the workforce, bringing undesired consequences such as anxiety, depression, and lack of enthusiasm.

This is why you shouldn’t forget to spoil yourself from time to time. Book that spa day, get a massage, go on a weekend out of town, call your friends, organize a surfing day, or spend some time alone. No matter what you decide, just do what you are comfortable with and help you relax and stay far away from stressful situations.