5 Reasons to Use Airbnb When Travelling Around Australia

Reasons to Use Airbnb When Travelling Around Australia

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Or do you already live in Australia but there are parts of your own beautiful country you haven’t seen? If travelling forms part of your summer plans, you might want to consider staying at an Airbnb. 

Many homeowners are joining the lucrative Airbnb environment. It’s as simple as having a nice space to rent out and opting for extensive Airbnb insurance. With this in place, travellers have the option of staying in a homey, often cheaper environment. 

What is an Airbnb?

If you’re not an ardent traveller, you might not be entirely sure what this mode of accommodation is. Essentially, it’s a home, flat or room rented out by a homeowner for a specific period. The homeowner may or may not be home for your stay – it all depends on the option you select. 

Consider an Airbnb for Your Next Travel

When you’re planning a holiday, looking for the best hotel options is one of the most important aspects. Depending on the area you’re travelling to, hotels can either be quite expensive or in short supply. 

These days, the lack of hotels close to your vacation area doesn’t have to be the end of your plans. Airbnb’s are popping up everywhere and becoming a popular option. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the Airbnb option when you’re travelling. 

Airbnb’s can be More Affordable

With the wide variety of Airbnb options, it’s quite easy to find an option that suits your needs. Airbnb rental options vary from one night to one week or longer. As a traveller, you can rent anything from a tent, entire apartment, luxury villa or house to even just a room within someone’s home. Rates are often cheaper than what you’d pay at a hotel.

Enjoy the Local Living Experience

Living in a hotel for a few weeks doesn’t always give you much exposure to the locals and their way of life. If you’re the type of traveller who wants to soak in all the sights, sounds and encounters, then a room or home in a local neighbourhood is the perfect option. 

If you’re spending your stay in a home with an existing family, it becomes easier to get referrals to parks or top restaurants and all the directions you need! And if you’re staying alone, you can ask the host to leave a list of great (and safe) places to visit. 

The Homier Experience

Many travellers find hotel living to be a little sterile and lonely. Some travellers prefer the “home away from home” experience which you won’t get from the local hotels. Many Airbnb hosts go the extra mile to ensure that guests feel at home. 

Access to Your own Kitchen

Having access to a kitchen is a great option for people who prefer to prepare their own meals. If you follow a specific diet or eating schedule, it’s convenient to be able to prepare your own food. It allows you to plan your meals at a time that suits you and it’s also a great way to save costs, compared to eating out. 

Airbnb is Ideal for Groups

If you’re travelling with a group of friends or family, it can be fun to share a home rather than occupying hotel rooms on different floors. Depending on where you’re travelling, you can rent anything from a cosy home to a luxury villa.

Renting a home with multiple rooms will still provide you and your fellow travellers with privacy when you need it. Another advantage is that this option allows you to split costs.

Tip: to avoid any financial related squabbles later, decide upfront who will be paying for what! 

What Should You Check Before Opting for an Airbnb?

To ensure your and family or group’s safety and peace of mind, always check the following points before settling on a particular option: 

  • Use a registered Airbnb platform: If you use the right platform, a secure payment plan will be available on the app. This will eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash around just to pay for accommodation. Most platforms only release payment to the host after 24 hours of your arrival. This will prevent you from paying for a place that’s double-booked when you get there! 
  • Check reviews: Take the time to do extensive research. Check reviews on the platform as well as any other independent reviews. Google the name of the Airbnb + reviews. This will show you reviews not listed on the app.
  • Get host contact numbers: Whatever platform or avenue you use, ensure you have reachable contact details for your host. 

Final Thought

If you’re planning the details of your next holiday, consider the Airbnb alternative. Check online reviews and engage with previous travellers listed as guests. If you’re not comfortable spending your first Airbnb experience in a stranger’s home, opt for the apartment options where you’ll be alone. 

If you’re a frequent traveller, it might be time to give your usual routine a makeover. The Airbnb option you choose can easily become one of your favourite go-to-spots when next you’re in the area!

And why not start your own Airbnb using that empty spare bedroom? Become part of this network in more ways than one!