8+ Ideas to Solve SSL Certificate Errors

8+ Ideas to Solve SSL Certificate Errors

A few years ago, only 7% of websites worldwide used SSL certificates. Today, one-third of websites worldwide are using SSL certificates, which is a huge increase. As much as many internet users prefer using websites with SSL certificates, most of them encounter “SSL connection error” while accessing these websites. The message may not always be the same in all websites as some may show “Your connection is not private” while the user is browsing. What could be the reason behind these errors? And what solutions are there to fix them? That is what we want to address in this article.

What Is SSL?

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is used to make a safe connection between the server, which transmits data and the client. Encryption is done using two keys in this information. The keys include a public and a private one. Anyone can access the public key, while the private key is meant for the recipient of the message only. To know whether a website uses an SSL badge, there will be HTTPS:// in front of the domain instead of HTTP://, which is the classic one. Using a website with HTTPS:// shows you that the security of that website is beefed up. Any data entered by the user cannot be stolen since it’s encrypted.

Does SSL and SSL Certificate Mean The Same Thing?

With cybersecurity cases on the rise, many users want to be assured that the information they receive from any website is safe and secure using encryptions. Information about the website’s domain, such as the owner’s address, is kept in SSL certificates. When someone starts a website, he or she can purchase the SSL certificates. Users and customers trust websites with SSL certificates more than those that don’t have them.

What brings about the SSL Connection Error? 

Many factors can cause the SSL connection error, a common error in websites that use SSL certificates. The problem may come from the user’s end or the server which hosts the website. Some of the reasons why these errors are seen include:

  • Access may be denied due to a firewall or an antivirus program.
  • Issues caused by the browser
  • When the computer trying to access the information on the website has the wrong date and time
  • If the SSL certificate is not trusted
  • When the information on that website is not secure
  • The information presented by the SSL certificate is wrong

These issues and many others may cause an SSL error. These errors may be temporary. You may not be allowed to access that particular website today, but you may be granted access the next day. The errors may not also be from a certain browser or website. This means that you may find it in Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome.

SSL connection error issues are normally found in websites such as Reddit, Google, or Gmail.

How To Solve SSL Connection Errors

Solutions to dealing with SSL certificate errors are many depending on what causes them. The solution may be as easy as tweaking something in your browser or complex like adjusting settings in the WordPress platform. Since these errors also appear on your Android phone and tweaking may help get rid of them.

Here are a few ways to get rid of SSL error issues:

Adjusting Time and Date if they are Wrong 

When the time and date on your computer or mobile device is not correct, it may cause the SSL connection error. You can fix such errors in minutes by pressing your Windows key, press “R,” and input “timedate.cpl”. Doing this will open the time and date settings on your computer. Once you are here, adjust the time and date according to your time zone. Once you are done with that, click Ok and visit the website again. This will solve the issue. What causes the wrong date and time you switch off your computer is the CMOS battery, which tracks the time when the computer is turned off. Check this battery to see if it’s dead and replace it.

Tweaking the Browser

An issue with the browser may cause the SSL error. To fix errors related to the browser:

  1. Go to Clear Browser History – press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time. This action will open your current browser’s settings.
  2. Check the browsing history and click on “Clear Browsing Data” or its equivalent.
  3. Ensure that you also clear browser cookies and cache.
  4. Once you’ve finished doing that, check whether the SSL connection error is thereby visiting that website once again.


Website security is vital to any internet user. That is why most users prefer accessing websites with SSL certificates. When you come across SSL connection error issues, don’t worry since, with these simple solutions, you can easily get rid of them.