Where to Have the Perfect yet Most Reasonable Dinner Date in Atlanta?

Dinner Date

Atlanta is the city of shenanigans and happenings. With several people hitting the roads every day to explore the best of what this city holding prime historical heritage has to offer, there is a place for everyone out there.

In a city where everything is thriving and the place is booming with adventure and fun, you must take notes on where to take your soul mate for a perfect date. Honestly speaking, the concept of fine dining and dressing certainly is exclusive and everyone likes to go out in their fanciest attire now and then but this might not be the most preferred date idea for many people.

Every couple deserves to go out for a nice dinner just to get their heads out of the stressful routine and also to spend some time discussing their relationship for the benefit of it. While there are a lot of romantic things to do in Atlantagoing out for a nice, reasonable meal in a cozy place does not bug at all.

While fancy places are an irregular commodity, there are a lot of places with a very vibrant atmosphere that certainly won’t shock your pocket to that extent.

The Cajun Café

The Cajun Cafe has the reputation of serving some of the best tasting Cajun delicacies to the food lovers in modern Atlanta. If you and your loved one are fond of good quantity and quality of food, this cafe serves a buffet lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 am to 3 pm.

An all you can eat dine-in does give couples a perfect chance to spend time enjoying a good meal and spending a lot of time together talking and whatnot. Load up on the southern flavors and dishes like fish, oyster, cabbage, gumbo, with red beans and rice. Recall that this is a healthy lunch meal, all-you-can-eat for just $16.99.


This Atlanta landmark restaurant is difficult to pass up. If you are looking for a ridiculously tasty but super inexpensive dinner, Eat is your place to be in.

With a good atmosphere and inexpensive rates, especially if a meat-and-three combo is the costliest choice on the menu at around $10, this place is certainly for food-loving couples.

If your partner is a vegetarian and you find it difficult to spot a perfect dinner date place, then your worries are literally over. Even though Jerk chicken is the staple, but eats menu offers something for everyone, like vegetarian options that are delicious enough to make your loved one happy.

K &K Soul food

Soul food speaks for its name. People throughout the world appreciate soul food and consider the hearty flavors a source of bonding and unspeakable love. Then why not try some of the best soul food spots in Atlanta to connect with your loved one on a heart to heart level?

For more than 40 years and all the good reasons, K&K represented the Bankhead culture – the perfect delivery of delicious soul food that touches the soul. Red sausage links, pork chops, chicken or beef sausage, country-fried steak, or fatback can be added to your very own favorite biscuit.

But it’s where meats such as beef liver, chicken gizzard, and stewed beef or fried whiting come. With its brick-plated floors and the 3-D design, this modest counter-serve restaurant has a variety of stands. You can also check the vegetable plates on the menu as they are nothing less.

Julianna’s Coffee and Crepes

Dinner dates are common so why not head out on a breakfast date? While breakfast dates are not as cliché as your everyday dinner date, they hold an upper hand as they allow you to spend time with your partner before heading out for work or to start the perfect day at the weekend.

Julianna’s is tucked into the circa-1901 Lake Avenue house of Inman Park.

The crêperie counter offers salty and sweet crepes made with an ancient family recipe in Hungarian style. Try the perfect breakfast menu that comprises of delicious scrambled eggs, fried potato, bacon, Swiss, and fresh mushrooms or the Royale with Tasso ham, Gruyere, greens and peach chutney. All on the menu is less than $10.

The Imperial

Bars are fun and bar food are even better. If you like to go out to have some nice drinks at a bar and get all hyped up for the night then The Imperial is the perfect place for you.

The place comprises an inexpensive menu full of pub grubs such as ribs, chili chips, boudin chips and a variety of burgers and dogs are included in this peppy neighborhood bar in Oakhurst.

Try their double cheeseburger with sautéed onions and a dressing of the Thousand Island for under $10 but the same authentic flavors of the south. All burgers and dogs have French fries, coleslaw, sweet potato fries, baked beans or side salad.

The Imperial also presents quiz, presented by owner and trivia king Robert Holland, on a daily Monday night starting at 8:30 p.m.

Chat Patti Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Who doesn’t appreciate the beautiful flavors from South Asia? With Indian cuisine gaining popularity in the Western world from the past few years, this restaurant decided to play its part in the busy streets of Atlanta and provide the lovers out there for a fun dine-in experience with authentic Indian flavors.

This vegetarian restaurant in Decatur serves its faithful customers for over 20 years with flavors from India like dosas, samosas, and biryanis, together with a selection of thali platters. Chat Patti offers a large selection and delivers generous portions, most of which are less than $10 –a perfect place to eat and enjoy the vibe.

Where would you go?

There are a lot of romantic things to do in Atlanta and the best places to eat. No matter what place you choose, you will certainly not be disappointed and come back with smiles and your loved one by your side.