A Handyman’s Guide to Home Plumbing

plumbing Guide

If you live in a home, regardless of ownership or renting, you know that unexpected repairs will crop up. Repairs can be as minor as changing light bulbs or as severe as losing air conditioning in the thick of summer. Either way, some repairs will need a licensed professional, and a handyman (you) can repair yourself, including plumbing. Please continue reading to discover why residents get fearful regarding plumbing repairs and a handyman’s guide to home plumbing issues.

Home plumbing sounds complex because it is. It includes the water supply lines, pipes, drainpipes, and everything involving water movement, most hidden behind the walls but primarily involving the kitchen and bathroom. That means plumbing gets connected to toilets, sinks, dishwashers, showers, and washing machines. When the plumbing is off, there are leaks, drips, and wasted water throughout the home.

A do-it-yourself guide for handypersons when it comes to plumbing is below.

Check Exposed Pipes

Handypersons should always check exposed pipes for rust and leaks. Signs of bad lines include higher water bills, mold and dampness, and a meter that continues to run. Keeping plumbing adhesives and sealants on hand for leaks will help you avoid emergency situations.

Unclog Drains

If your water is draining slowly, using a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water work well together to unclog drains. Also, a snake works well to push or pull out anything that is clogging the drain.

Empty Water Heaters

At least two times a year, you should empty your water heater. Draining the water heater helps reduce the amount of sediment that settles there.

Strain Food

Staining food will stop large pieces of food from clogging your drain.

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal has stopped working, there should be a red button under the sink portion. That is a reset button. Pressing it should get your disposal working.

Water Pressure

If your water pressure is suddenly extremely low, you could be in a situation where there is low water pressure. As soon as you detect signs of reduced water pressure, contact a plumber.

Leaky Faucet

Turning off the faucet and mainline of water will help you determine where the leak is. Then, loosen the knob with a screwdriver and the packing with a wrench. The leak is probably from the knob, packing, or O-ring and washer. Repairing these should fix the leaky faucet.

Pipe Cleaners

Harsh pipe cleaners may do the trick of clearing a clog; however, many of them will rust your drain after time. Instead, use natural or enzyme-based pipe cleaners. There are also many items in your home that can be mixed to make a cleaning solution.

Keep Harm Away

Encourage those in your home to keep hair and anything else that doesn’t belong in the drain away. Hair clogs are damaging and can get costly.

Running Toilet

Not only does a running toilet sound annoying, but it also wastes a lot of money. To check, remove the toilet tank lid and look inside. If the chain is stuck or has snapped, it must be replaced so that the flapper can close and stop the toilet from constantly running.

Fix Poor Caulking Jobs

Bad caulking can make your interior look amateurish. If you find that your caulking job is terrible, use alcohol to clean it up.

Winter Pipes

Ensuring that your pipes are insulated will keep them from freezing, bursting, and creating a massive amount of damage and expense.

Travel Without Worry

When you plan to be away, shutting off the main water valve is vital. Shutting the water off will ensure that there is no internal water damage while you are away.

Know When to Call a Plumber

Understanding when to contact a plumber will save you a lot of aggravation. Know that there are some things even a handyperson cannot repair. When you need to hire a plumber, google plumbers in your area. Make sure you hire someone who is licensed to avoid additional damage risks to your home.

Keeping up on the pipes in your home and plumbing may help you avoid having to hire a licensed professional. This guide of plumbing tips for handymen repairs will help resolve issues before they become serious.