The 9 Areas in Your Home That Might Need a Makeover

Areas in Your Home That Might Need a Makeover

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a little home redesign project. If you own a home and have free range to change and fix things up as you’d like, it can be extremely tempting to constantly have something in the pipeline. 

However, in all of our homes, there are always certain areas in more need of attention than others, and it’s a good idea to look into these first when we have the cash to splash on a minor remodel or makeover. 

Here’s a list of some of the main areas in your home that you should consider making over when you have the time and money to work on something in your home – the best option to choose will be different for everybody, but these should give you a few ideas of why you might need to get your hands dirty.

Your Office Space

If there’s any room that’s needed attention in the past two years, it’s the humble home office, study, or whatever you happen to call that room in your house where your desk and computer live. For some of us, it’s not even a room but a designated spot in your bedroom or living room.

Wherever it is, many of us are spending more time than ever in these spaces and they’re deserving of a little attention. When it comes to picking the right type of desk, click here to read the full story to learn more about the benefits of standing desks. A new chair, a lick of paint and a good declutter are probably in order too. 

The Bathrooms

When a house starts aging, the bathroom is typically the first to go. All the water and moisture in general can get into the building materials, and cause mould and deterioration way quicker than you’ll find in most other rooms in your home. 

Redoing your bathroom can be a tricky project, and help from professionals is non-negotiable. You might want to do a simple deep clean, retile, or redo the entire room completely to give it a more modern look – whichever route you choose, this is a good space to put a little TLC into in 2022 for some extra freshness in your home. 

Your Kitchen

Of course, the kitchen is generally everyone’s go-to home renovation dream, and for good reason. Designing your kitchen to your every whim and perfecting it down to the tiniest detail is the life goal of most home cooks, moms and foodies in general. Plus, who hasn’t spent hours on end drooling over stunning all-white kitchens on interior design websites?

If you really want to spoil yourself and can afford to go all-out, a kitchen renovation is an amazing and very fulfilling project to take on. You can install the newest and best appliances and equipment, lay on that perfect marble countertop and add in all that extra storage space everyone needs. 

The Pantry

This might not be a home renovation project to dazzle your friends and family, but believe us when we say it will have a huge impact on your day-to-day life to reorganise your pantry. It will take a whole lot less work, time and money, but investing in some high-quality storage containers, and reorganising and redesigning your pantry can be a great home project. 

Makeover your food storage and you’ll quickly discover that it’s usually better when there’s method to the madness. 

Living Areas

If you’re an entertainer or simply spend a lot of time at home, a good option for a home makeover is your living area. You could simply get creative and change things up completely in terms of design and colour palette. Move the furniture, buy some new décor and transform your space with little to no effort at all.

However, if you’re looking to invest a little, you can upgrade the space by installing a cosy fireplace, expanding the space, adding in a bar… Whatever tickles your fancy. 

The Entrance Hall

A space that people often neglect when it comes to design (and even general tidiness) is the entrance hall or front area of their homes. It often becomes a space where people dump their shoes in a pile and drop their coats on a bench.

However, this is a great place to set the tone of your home and create a beautiful, welcoming space. Liven this area up a little with some decorative pieces. A trestle table, a shaggy rug, a mirror, a few indoor plants, some hooks for coats and a nice rack for placing shoes. This space can be functional but stunning at the same time. 

Your Outdoor Space

Another good option for the chronic hosts and entertainers is to makeover their outdoor area. There’s nothing quite like a late afternoon barbeque by the pool, and these are even better when your space is kitted out. 

Invest in high-quality patio furniture and learn how to care for these items to ensure their lifespan. Go all out by installing an outdoor kitchen, a sound system and a roof over the deck so you’re protected from the elements. 

Guest Bedrooms

Yet another neglected space is the poor guest bedroom. Hardly anyone ever even goes in there, so why bother with it? But if you do have people stay over from time to time, having a beautiful guest room for them to stay in can make their experience far better and boost your confidence as a host.

Keep the décor simple (since everyone has different tastes) but make sure the space is elegant and comfortable for your guests. 

Storage Closets

Finally, storage space is a problem faced by just about everyone – there’s never enough of it.

If you have the cash and the space in your home, have some extra storage installed, or simply buy storage solutions like shelves, chests of drawers, and other storage-friendly items. This could be a full-on project or a simple, affordable purchase and makeover for your home that will make your life a whole lot easier.