Honeymoon in Europe: 7 Foods You Must Try from Here


Most couples find themselves in a serious dilemma after their wedding wondering where to go for their honeymoons. There are so many places that a couple can visit for this special time in their life. However, everyone wants a place that will fulfill all their honeymoon dreams without much Hussle.

When it comes to experiences during the honeymoon, great food is at the center. The kind of food you try will determine your overall experience.

In this article, we look at seven delicious foods you can find in different parts of Europe that will make your honeymoon exciting and memorable.

#1. Banitsa

BanitsaBanitsa is one of the trendy food in Bulgaria. This food can be perfect for breakfast as it is simple to make. If you are planning on making your honeymoon a little fun with breakfast in bed surprises, then you need to include Banitsa on your menu.

This food comprises of yogurt, feta cheese, and a few eggs. It has a great taste and can make a delicious meal regardless of the time of the day. Banitsa is mostly common in Bulgaria around Christmas which means you can easily access it and it’s much cheaper during this time.

#2. Arancini

Even though this food is not as popular as pizza and pasta, it’s perfect for lighting up a honeymoon. Arancini comprises of tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergines or pistachios, mozzarella, and meat. To make these ingredients crispy, they are coated with some bread crumbs. The taste is heavenly and will make your honeymoon more memorable. If you want to get the best arancini, Italy is the place to be for the highest quality of arancini.

#3. Pierogi

PierogiPierogi is one of the most popular foods in Poland. It’s a national dish that is found nearly everywhere from cafes, bars to restaurants across the country. The dish is made up of small semi-circular dumplings from the dough and filled with fried onions, boiled and minced potatoes, and fresh quark. If you are heading to Poland on your honeymoon, then you don’t want to miss this delicious food. It gives you a new experience, and you might fall in love with it.

#4. Traditional Swiss Fondue

If you are a couple that loves cheese, then eating this traditional food will make your honeymoon more fun. Traditional Swiss Fondue contains either Emmental or Gruyere cheese. What makes it sweeter is the mixture of kirsch and white wine. Taking it with some crusty bread like the traditional Weizenbrot gives a heavenly taste that leaves one craving for more even after the honeymoon. Switzerland is the best place to visit if you want to get high-quality Traditional Swiss Fondue for your honeymoon.

#5. Palatschinken

This food is common in most Eastern and Central European countries. Palatschinken, also known as Austrian Pancake, is similar to crepes (very thin pancakes) only that it is a fluffier and thicker hence making them sweeter. You can take these light and fluffy pancakes as a warm dessert. Get one that contains some whipped cream and apricot jam if you want to take it the traditional way. The pancake makes a good option for a quick treat. Make sure it appears on your must-try foods if you decide to take your honeymoon to Austria. The experience you get with this tasty light meal is nothing but incredible.

#6. Kottbullar


While not the most popular food on the planet, these meatballs are some of the best for your meal. Also called Sweden Meatballs, Kottbullar meatballs are mostly common in Sweden due to its tasty flavor. Kottbullar meatballs comprise of breadcrumbs, lingonberry jam, boiled potatoes, and cream. If you are visiting Sweden, make sure you get a bite of this delicious food. The meatballs are tasty and will make your honeymoon experience better.

#7. Watermelon and Haloumi

You need some fruits to make your diet balanced during your honeymoon. If you are visiting Cyprus for the honeymoon, then you will need some halloumi and watermelon. Cyprus is fun but has a hot climate, especially during the day. Taking some halloumi and watermelon after spending the whole day outside will help you relax and recover from the scorching heat.

The best thing about this food is that you can even take it in the morning before leaving the house to help you handle the hot sun more comfortably. The only thing that you have to do is pair some salty halloumi with watermelon pieces. Doing that gives you the best breakfast to take you through the exciting activities of the day easily.


A honeymoon happens once in every person’s life, well mostly. Make sure you take some time to plan for it to ensure you and your partner get the best one ever. However, choosing where to visit for your honeymoon in Europe might be a little tricky since there are many attractive places.

Considering that food is a crucial part of having a great honeymoon, you need to choose what to take during this special time. The above foods are some of the best that will make your honeymoon exciting and memorable. If your partner loves whiskey, then a gift pack of the crown royal reserve will make your honeymoon more charming and relaxing, something you’ll appreciate during this special holiday.