Hani Zeini on the Technological Advances that will strengthen the Customer Experience

Technology trends

Technological advances have not only impacted human lives; they have also impacted the means by which we conduct business. High-tech advances are utilized for human benefit. They empower businesses, expand service offerings, and enhance customer experiences. These days, entrepreneurs are highly dependent upon technological advances to reach their target audiences, thereby converting potential customers into loyal customers. The ways in which technological advances impact the customer experience is highlighted by Hani Zeini in the following points.

Hani Zeini on the significance of technological advances for an entrepreneur

  • Virtual presence: Virtual reality (VR) technology is becoming increasingly popular, and is emerging as a game-changer in how brands engage with their target customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology provides users with an opportunity to experience things through methods that do not require any physical presence. Many brands have started taking advantage of virtual reality technology to improve both the employee and the customer, experience. VR has been used for virtual learning and instructing. It has been used to train associates who work in customer service. According to Hani Zeini, it also offers brand the chance to provide their customers with suitable avenues to try out products in a virtual environment. Just by browsing products, they preview how the product would look in reality, but from behind a screen.
  • Topography-based computing: Location service technology is a vital tool found in smartphones. People are now more comfortable using navigation-enabled devices. It helps institutions offer their customer’s personalized services, thereby enhancing the customer experience. In this regard, location-based promotions and location services are important tools. In reaching out to their customers, entrepreneurs utilize location-based services to provide their customers with last-minute deals. Navigation services also help customers search large warehouses and find nearby items faster, and more conveniently.
  • 3D-printing: One very critical element that has revolutionized the customer experience is 3D-printing technology. This new technology adds efficiency to the printing process. It transforms the means of manufacturing and distribution. Moreover, it helps in turning a virtual object into a real, tangible object almost instantly. Hani Zeini points out how companies hire product designers who design and print 3D prototypes both quickly and inexpensively. This technology also helps them to identify flaws in designs, which empowers them to fix these issues in record time. It also helps in manufacturing customized products. Companies are utilizing this technology in the best ways they can.
  • Artificial intelligence: Advancements in technology have also been realized in the form of artificial intelligence. This technology is slowly finding its place in business processes and has had a significant impact on consumers worldwide.

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Ensuring a positive customer experience requires a good deal of effort and an investment of time. Innovative brands are using different technological advances to connect with their target customers. To stand out in the competition, brands need to utilize modern technologies continuously. If one does not stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, one risks falling behind in this increasingly competitive market.