Ticking The List of Best Mobile Test Automation Tools To Notify

Ticking The List of Best Mobile Test Automation Tools To Notify

As suggested by the name itself, mobile automation mainly refers to automation, which is done on mobile devices. Automation is a primary process where you get to automate the testing of an application, which can either be an app or a WAP site. It can easily be done by using the tools and helping in reducing the testing time cycle. 

The mobile testing strategy will mainly revolve around the use of diversified tools. There are various methods and affordable testing tools, which you can avail for adding the mobile app testing practices. In case you have limited time and money for getting the app tested, then you might want to rely on the mobile test automation tools for a change. 

There are some of the bests automation tools listed for your reference. These tools will not just help you in handling but also in implementing the mobile app-based testing strategies. If you are one such testing expert, you can go with any of the probable testing apps for improvising your strategies around here.

Going around with the tools to use:

There are multiple mobile app-based testing tools used by automation companies. For that faster and efficient android app and iOS testing, don’t waste time and check out the tools around here.

Test IO:

Thanks to this tool, you get to test out the mobile apps on real-time implementations to ensure that the app designated for your business can work seamlessly on almost all kinds of OS platforms.

  • Sometimes, these testing tools are ahead of the professional testers to detect internal bugs.
  • On the other hand, the Test IO will have flexible testing methods to understand diversified requirements and needs of clients to impose results faster.
  • Using the Test IO, you can check the removal of the QA Bottleneck on-demand for coping up with expectations from the said app.

Test Complete:

Test Complete will help you to run multiple repeated UI tests over the application platform. It is one compatible tool, which will assist you in testing out the hybrid mobile apps. It means you get to support both iOS and Android app testing.

  • On the other hand, it can be stated as an automated testing tool, which you get to implement on the emulators or real mobile devices at ease.
  • The automated versions of the test scripts are now available over the tools. 
  • But, if you want, you can further choose from JavaScript, VBScript, Python, and so many more.


Noted as one of the top-notch testing tools, Robotium is mainly designed for handling android apps under the automated testing framework. It is mainly designed for black-box testing on Android-based applications.

  • It will be using JavaScript for preparing the test scripts.
  • Some of the added requirements for that seamless running of this tool will be Eclipse for the test project, Android SDK, JDK, and Android development kit.


As you can understand from the name itself, Xamarin.UITest is one framework that will work in a feasible manner for testing out the UI acceptance over the Android or iOS applications.

  • It is one preferred tool for iOS, Android, and native applications.
  • It will support the cross-platform-based testing measures, and the tests scripts are mostly written in C#.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it will integrate well with some of the major Visual Studio products.


Noted to be a notable mobile app testing tool, Espresso is mainly designed by Google, and then it will be embedded with the Android Studio. It is one ideal tool for all kinds of people who are willing to run tests on native Android apps.

  • However, you must remember that there is a limitation as Espresso gets to create only the Android UI tests for supporting the enhancement of the functionalities.
  • It will be using Kotlin and Java for creating tests and will have a simple API, which can be molded easily.
  • These kinds of UI tests can then get implemented on some of the real devices and some targeted emulators for knowing the progress level better.
  • On the other hand, there will be an embedded test recorder, which will allow proper recording of the tests in place of writing detailed codes.

XCUI Test:

This kind of testing tool is designed for the iOS platform only. It will help in creating UI tests for iOS apps and will run with Xcode IDE. This is one convenient form of testing tool for the iOS developers of the app to procure proper results for finding and then rectifying the variations. On the other hand, the framework gets to pair up with recorder tools to allow testers in the recording process in place of writing codes. This test execution procedure is pretty fast and will be made feasible for all Apple devices.

So, waste no time and catch up with these mobile app testing tools. Find the mistake ad rectify it for a smoother user experience!