6 Tools to Help Generate Long Tail Keywords

Tools to Help Generate Long Tail Keywords

Search results pages are over trafficked these days. All are competing for a place at the top. If you want the best spot for an easy, general search term, you will face a lot of competition.

That is why it is vital to aim for long, exact keywords. It is also known as long tail keywords. Long tail keywords usually are deeply thought search doubts that tend to create topics, phrases, and sentences. They are valuable in retail because their high precision shows a high purchase plan. Moreover, it is much easier to rank for longtail pro keywords versus their short tail analogs. They include 92% of all keywords searched into search engines.

6 Tools for Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is the best tool for longtail keyword ideas. It creates basic questions about your root keyword on social media, blogs, and forums.

It also gives analyzing keywords, which can give the best chances to rank in a related search. Verify the versus section of Answer the Public for your keyword. You will be amazed by how many people seek about X vs. Y, i.e., Instagram vs. Snapchat.

As vast as the keyword ideas are, one downside to Answer the Public is that it does not give search volume data. Without this data, which you truly require to make learning choices, the Pro version is not only worth the money than some other longtail pro keyword means on this list.


SEMrush is an all in one marketing toolkit, principally identified and used for their keyword analysis feature.

SEMrush makes it simple to search for keywords and see their rankings in all the leading search engines. Other useful traits hold keyword searching based on geographic area and competing data around what keywords your rivals are focusing on. These perks are confined to paid agreement plans. But a free trial is there if you need to test it out before spending.

Keyword Tool Dominator

The Keyword Tool Dominator uses the autocomplete trait of various website searches to know ideal longtail keywords.

To help see how it runs, start typing a search question into Google search and record the advice that arises. Keyword Tool Dominator lists these ideas. The company advantages to give advanced longtail keyword ideas.


LongTail Pro is an all-inclusive SEO tool that has got a long way from the keyword-research desktop app it once was. It is useful for getting longtail, the best available cost-per-click (CPC) keywords for your paid ad campaigns. It is perfect for taking one seed keyword, then seeing all similar series of longtail pro keywords.

Some new traits of LongTailPro involve:

  • Contender keyword research
  • Regular keyword tracking
  • Keyword-rich domain name finder
  • Rank value that manages keyword profitability

This suite of exclusive traits is not free, but like various other longtail keyword tools on this list. LongTailPro gives a free trial to test out working.


SEcockpit is usually correlated to LongTailPro as they give the same traits. To be more precise, both apply Moz and Google Keyword Planner as initial data sources and provide a keyword hustle rating and filtering option.

What sets SEcockpit unique is equipped with SEO experts. With their keyword ideas, you can add analogs from Google Ads, Google Suggest, Amazon Suggest, YouTube Suggest, and Google linked Searches. It shows these results beside contestant data for comparison, and you can add new specifications to get better ideas.

SEcockpit tenders agency-level subscription plans.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser addition available for Chrome and Firefox. They are making it one of the most useful longtail keyword tools on this list.

Keywords Everywhere adds widgets to Google SERPs that show similar keywords, and People also seek keywords. It holds data for monthly search volume, CPC, and competition.

Final Thoughts

These are the best longtail pro keyword locating tools. People can pick proper tools in favor of their requirements and usage. For people working at a primary level, free tools can be useful at the first level. Later on, people can have a way to some famous paid tools, which can help a great range.