5 Best WordPress Plugins to Manage Social Profiles Efficiently

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Social media plugins are a very coherent way of making your content go viral over a wide range of social media platforms using the social media buttons. It makes your content available to the maximum amount of audience. Social media plugins improve your online exposure by letting viewers find your content, post, pages, or blogs and share them on social media. It helps you to build and increase your social following. It also allows your viewers to comment or like your post and even download your post by using this link. Some blogs and businesses restrict content with the help of these plugins. The user exchanges something like a social share or follows to gain access. It’s a great way to gain more followers.

WordPress has a variety of such plugins available to the user. Here are 5 of the best WordPress plugins that you can use to manage social profiles efficiently:

1. Kiwi Social Sharing

This plugin is the easiest to use. It is built, maintained, and operated by WPKube. This plugin provides you with a great UI with intuitive and simple options. It supports all major social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Email.

It is built for regular users and has a stunning loading speed.

It comes with a feature of Google Analytics tracking that tracks and reports the website traffic. It is a fast-growing plugin that allows you to style your content and allow your followers, old or new, to share your content without the hassles of installations and CSS coding. It provides you with innate UI and click-and-drag functionality to place or remove any icon on your website.

2. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is a must-have plugin, especially for those who have small blogs or websites. It shares old and new posts to social media on autopilot reaching more audiences. It keeps your old posts relevant and also provides a constant flow of content for your social media page. It automatically generates hashtags for posts or pages or any other custom post type shares from tags, categories, or from custom fields. It also allows viewers to share more than one post at a time.

It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus, and E-Mails. Additionally, it adds links to get back to your content website. It introduces a feature of social media automation functionality and helps to boost the traffic for a social media post. It acts as a social media scheduling plugin, social media auto post plugin as well as a social media analytics plugin.

3. Social Locker

It is the most popular plugin used by bloggers and users for its striking style and advanced analytics. It offers an improved SEO and hence increases social interaction. It has three buttons available for sharing on Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, and Google +1, as well as gives you an option to set any URL which will be used to share via the social lockers.

It is SEO-friendly with built-in advanced analytics and compatibility with Visual Composer. It also enables mobile users to access your content. You can manually lock any content via shortcodes or setup batch lock via one of the three powerful modes offered by this plugin: Skip Lock, CSS Selector, and More Tag.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons:

Easy Social Share Buttons is a social plugin that allows users to share, monitor, and increase their content popularity. It sells plugins for only $22, and it is an absolute steal. You also receive multiple tools for social sharing, follower counters, and email subscription tools.

You may encounter issues with other plugins where you might come across social media sharing buttons that look different in size and untidy.

Easy Social Share Buttons plugin offers an amount of customization along with a clean, customizable layout for websites. It also gives you the complete freedom to access and control almost every aspect of the display. You also have a love button, comments button, send to mail, print, and subscribe option into the bargain. With this plugin, your content can be shared over more than 35 major social media platforms. It comes with built-in modules for log analytics, Google analytics tracker, social media metrics, and social image and video sharing.

5. Social Snap:

Social Snap is a plugin that gives new and repeats visitors of your content the opportunity to share your post like a wildfire. It helps you drive more traffic to your site and engage with the maximum audience. It provides a high-end UX/UI. This plugin is not only the leading choice for beginners but also advanced users due to its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design. It displays individual and total share count along with highly customizable social share buttons.

Unlike other plugins, it loads asynchronously, and hence the vector icons do not slow down your website. It uses super-lightweight Scalable Vector Graphics icons that are fast-loading and looks crisp on any device.

You have full control over where and how you will place the social share buttons in your website because of its shortcodes, widgets, and Gutenberg block. Normally, users have to spend a lot on several plugins, but Social Snap offers the power of social logins, boosting old posts, and even auto-scheduling content to share, all in one. It has in-built modules for analytics to track the traffic on your website and helps you to maximize them. It is perfect for bloggers, small businesses, large businesses, photographers, designers, and everyone else in general.

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Social media marketing is an inevitable part when it comes to running a website. WordPress plugins help you to explore this aspect with social media plugins that can make a huge difference in the traffic for your site. However, you must choose wisely according to your needs for your website.