How to Trace Events in WordPress with Google Analytics

How to Trace Events in WordPress with Google Analytics

Google analytic is a great tool to use when you want to know the performance of your website. Get to know how many visitors you are getting per month. This tool will help you to understand all that quickly.

When you track certain events from your website, and monitor how people interact with the content, check the tracking number of times your website link got a click.

In this article, I will discuss with you how analytics event tracking works. Setting up the website is not easy, but you will have an idea after reading this post to the end.

What is event tracking?

Event tracking is known as the measuring of your websites. Get to know the visitors viewing your post daily. When you post your content, you will get visitors who click and view your post.

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The tracking file downloads will show you many of the users viewing files. Maybe you are looking at how to track the link using the website, and you need a UTM source.

The report is essential to allow you to know how a user behaves on the websites. If you feel like doing great things, you need to change the user experience. What is required of you is the setting up of further central processing to track your website’s event.

Steps to track Google analytic events from WordPress website

The event tracking is not that strict process you can get correctly. The first thing is to set up your Google analytic in the WordPress account. Here are easy steps you can follow to track events with Google analytic.

Decide the even you want to track

The critical thing to know is to follow the performance of the actual tracking of Google analytic events. Please get to know what the marketing goal is and decide to track it.

It is vital to know analytics event tracking, which will help you get what you need. Be careful while deciding the events you need for monitoring because of the first step that is significant for the next step.

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Categories your events

This is another essential step you need to understand. It would be best if you made work easy for you for every step you make. It may have a lot of the events you need to know. Therefore, becoming the category of the events related to the code you added to your websites is essential. This will be easy for tracking the Google analytic events.

Write the code and add it to the site.

This is one of the critical steps you need for extreme care of tracking your WordPress performance. When you finish the category, time adds the codding. You can make it simple when adding javascript files for the file option. This is the best step to consider analytics event tracking.

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Add class to the event.

This is an essential thing for the classes of your website to make it super easy. A variety of styles is added for the event needed to track your performance. Check below the type of classes for the Google analytics event.

  • Form track
  • Social track
  • Video track

When done with all steps, you will need to answer the visitors coming to your site daily. It is vital to get the details of the information about the link related to other things.

Final words

The analytics event tracking is an inevitable part of the digital technology you will need to understand. You can quickly get the results of your choice when you put them on. This gives you the details you need about your website. Tracking the event of a WordPress website has been easy and helpful for you to get better performance. The Google analytic event tracking is an important one for the right side of your WordPress.