5 Creative Ways To Start Increasing Blog Sales Online Today

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Guess what is it which seems complete but still something is missing? You’re Blogs! Not everything which glitters is gold. Yes, your blogs may look perfectly accurate but, are you sure the same blogs which are structured properly are perfect to boost your sales too? If not, then what’s the purpose left behind writing those hundreds or thousands of words?

I am sure that many of you don’t even know that posting blogs on the sites, apart from grabbing the attention of your audience have some other marketing purposes too. Blogs are those tunnels which lead to the path of sales, in the world of business and marketing. The more creative you will be, the more audience will be attracted which eventually means escalation in sales. It’s all like a Ferris wheel- round, round and round!

Pin-point your fingertips with the following 5 top creative rules-of-thumb to increase blog sales online, today!

Brand Vs Brand 

Your customers love comparing their favorite brand with their competitors, you should hit on the floor with the same attitude. No, we didn’t mean to start a brand war by suggesting you compare your brands with competitors we simply meant to differentiate the affordable essay writing services and brand attributes. Let us tell you how! Imagine you own a clothing brand and so do your competitor but, you are offering cotton fabric within the same prices in which your rival brand is offering silk. Now, that’s from where you have to start your game. Tell your audience how cotton-fabric keep the skin breathable as compared to silk. 

Just persuade your audience and make them believe that choosing you is the best yet perfect decision. That’s how you should play your game without crossing the boundaries of ethics. Your purpose of writing blogs should never be only to entertain your audience, it is necessary to take benefits from each opportunity, in business. Start implementing your “brand Vs brand” strategy now! 

Become loud, loud and loud! 

Think of the scenario where you are roaming in the mall and suddenly a handbag, hanged in extreme classy manner attracts you and you just can’t resist paying your visit to the outlet. What was the thing which magnetized you towards? A bag? No! Its unique design or maybe its classy presentation. That’s exactly how “Headlines” work in your blog posts! 

The headlines you create are exactly like those bags or any other appealing object which eventually magnifies people with its charming or unique appearance. Your headline must be and have to be catchy. It should look like that pearl-shell which everyone would like to crack! And oh, how can you deny the fact that people around us are always ready to unfold the curiosity. You can add the phrases “how” and “why” to make the headings to give an extreme curious look and feel to the headlines of your blogs. 

A Tale of keywords! 

How would your audience know that you are aligning the words by burning the midnight oil? Is that by-you make announcements after every blog you post? Well, there are lots of people who live to write but still are not familiar with the buzzing digitalized phrase “Keyword” and in case, If you are in the same category then this advice worth a million-dollar. 

If you are a blogger or even if you are a representative of the online brand then you should friend zone with the keyword-tools because this is the most effective way of conveying your customers that “we have everything to cater your searching needs”. Take your SEO person with you and get a start on searching the most effective yet suitable keywords for your blogs. So, whenever your customers search for something alike your keywords, your brand should be the one to cater to them. 

Don’t tell- Hatch the news out! 

Of course, you will be writing a few promotional blog posts too. Shake your head and think, why even the “news” posts failed to grab the attention of your audience? It’s because you imperfectly hatched the egg or maybe at an immature stage. Do you know how videos or news get viral? With a word of mouth! If you are different to appear then you would become a word of mouth.

How you hatch the news contributes an equal part as the worth of your news do! You are launching a new product in your existing product line? Good! But, please don’t be too casual to let your customers know that you are up to something new. If you are not excited with your innovation then how the audience would be? Don’t take this “excitement” thing as jumping and screaming around your people. No, no! All you need is, just sound like an exciting creature. Next time, when you reveal the news, make sure to spread some vibes-of-excitement first!

Sound fresh- forever-green

If you are thinking that sounding fresh indicates to be unique and original then yes you are thinking right. By the way, there is one more “sub-text” of this text! It is to stay fresh and evergreen in content or blog posts, means you need to cover a topic which could give the same reading experience even after a year.

For instance, writing on the topics which are based on facts or figures, just like the advantages of advertising or the benefits of being an entrepreneur. These topics could although modified but can never be diminished and that’s how you can always sound fresh. Not necessarily everyone will be paying a reading-reward to your blog, maybe few of your customers may get hit later with your post. So, work smartly with excessive durability!

Now, when we have done and dusted by feeding enough knowledge in your brain, all you need is to follow these creative ways and techniques while writing your blog posts. Get ready, it’s your turn now. Gear up your skills and kickstart the process!