Hat Styles for the Winter Months that can Create Happy Memories of 2022

Hat Styles for the Winter Months

As 2021 draws to a close and the continents and countries of the North Pole keep shivering in the winter season, women of these countries are loading their wardrobes with various types of winter wear to stay warm and comfortable without compromising on their styling needs. Along with clothing, women must pay utmost attention to the headgear, aka hats, which are indispensable for giving completeness to the looks and help to make a unique style statement. A word of caution for women who are too fashion conscious – please be careful in choosing winter hats with the right balance of function and style and not fashion alone. Even if you love to wear a leather top hat that brings out the best in you, it will be a mistake to bank on it too much during the winter season unless the design has some ear coverings. 

Many stylish women’s hats for winter can be the perfect companion for the cozy scarves and cashmere sweaters in your wardrobe. This article should help you learn about some winter hat styles for women, making it easy to choose the right ones.

The essential features of winter hats

Choosing winter hats is more about the right fit because it is the season to soak in colors and express the joys of enjoying winter in the most comfortable and stylish ways. The spirit of happiness expressed through various colors underlines winter fashion that includes winter hats for women. 

Be expressive with fabrics – You need to arm yourself with an array of clothing and headgear to enhance your winter fashion by adding a dash of luxury offered by cashmere and merino wool, with the latter having the edge over the former. You can experiment with sheepskin and faux fur lining while blending it fashionably with wool for enhanced glamour and warmth.

Play with proportion – Remember that the hat size should not limit your choice of winter hats because the soft and flexible hats give enough scope to experiment with the size without compromising fit. You can deviate slightly from your standard hat size but be careful not to overdo it as you might look funny if you choose the wrong size.  Give more importance to the fit over the size so that the hat looks beautiful on your face.  For example, a beanie that you can wear over your ears is a welcome choice over your most preferred close-fitting beanie looming over your eyes. Even if you prefer narrow brim hats, you can try out the wide brims too. 

Mix and match the colors – Winter is the season to express your inner warmth and joy in the most colorful way, creating an impressive personality and drawing all attention. Create the most colorful palette for your winter style that lifts the spirits by spreading joy in the air. Stay away from light shades and neutral colors and choose bright colors like scarlet and orange for the headgear, which becomes the central attraction piece. 

You can try out these inter hat styles that would seem as if just made for you.

Wool fedora

To create a unique self-identity in winter, you will hardly find anything better than the classic wool fedora, an all-time favorite for those seeking high fashion. Fedoras are in a class of their own with the unmistakable center crease, pinches on the sides of the crown, and the soft brim that looks brilliant with any outfit and can make you stand out from the crowd. When you walk out in daylight, the wide brim fedora sitting atop a pair of knee-high boots protects your head from the chilly winds in the same way as the coat protects your body.

Winter Beanie

The winter beanie is the quintessential winter hat available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and fabrics and perhaps the most popular winter hat.  The unmatched versatility of the winter beanie makes it an obvious choice for people of all ages cutting across the gender lines, and women can derive a lot of styling options from its universal appeal. You can pose for photos in a serious or playful mood wearing the beanie that perfectly suits your style. Cashmere or merino wool beanies look luxurious, while the knit beanies are perfect insulators that bring with them a lot of comfort and warmth. 


To create the most flattering looks that are stylish enough to make heads turn, women heavily rely on the soft, brimless design of berets that look beautiful on any face, shape, and body. Berets can be your perfect companion for the winter season and are available in various materials like wool, cotton, acrylic, and crocheted. Berets look perfect when you have a chunky knit scarf around your neck or a faux collar, and you cannot ask for anything more because it makes you look as beautiful as you expect. 

Having a variety of winter hats allows you to adjust to the fluctuating weather perfectly.