11 Best Prototyping Tools For UI/UX Designers

Best Prototyping Tools For UIUX Designers

In the world of technology and development designing is playing a key role to convey a message to the real user. It always requires creativity and time to give out the most attractive output. However, this is not possible to achieve the same without the help of any tool.

To get the world-class UI-UX design these tools play a vital role to bring out a smooth process of outlining the graphic. These tools are not only enough to fulfill mobile apps design trends but also to gain the attention of  the millions.

Best UI-UX design tools for professional designers:

1. Figma:

figmaIt was the first UI design tool that offers the multiplayer design functionality and it also enables developers to collaborate in real-time. It lacks many advanced features but it is an excellent sketch for windows. The typical features in this tool are real-time device mirroring, commenting, and prototyping.

Price: Free for 3 projects

$12 per month per editor for unlimited projects

2. Adobe Experience Design:

Adobe Experience DesignThis tool offers a classic platform where you and your client could do your best. As a designer, you could import files from the tool of adobe and as a client you could make the comment on the prototype. Using this tool you could draw, remix vector, reuse and create a classic artwork.

Price: $9.99/month, per user.

3. Framer X:

framerIt is a renovated version of Framer that was founded by Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk which has rich design tool features. With the help of this tool, a designer could easily draw the interface components for mobile app designing work. Using this it is easy to collaborate with developers to produce consistent and ready to use component.

Price: $12 per month

4. Adobe Illustrator:

It is one of most favourite mobile app designer tools, used by numerous designers to make logos, icons and shapes. It is easy to create graphics for the website using this vector graphic platform. It is also a good choice for those who just entered the world of vector graphic art.

Price: Adobe Illustrator offers various subscription models like:

$19.99/month with one-year contract

$29.99/month with no commitment

$49.99/month with Creative Cloud suite

5. Origami Studio

Origami StudioThis tool is rich in the library of patches such as switches, Boolean operators and animations. It also enables you to use copy-paste concept and the designer just need to copy the design from the sketch and paste it in this tool.

Price: Free

6. Axure RP:

axureThis tool requires some coding skills to get a leading mobile app designing. With the help of this tool, you could design, mock ups, flowchart, idea board, graphical documentation, wireframes designing and much more.

Price: It’s available in three subscription models:

Pro – $29/month

Team – $49/month

Enterprise – $99/month

7. Invision Studio:

invisionStudioWith the help of this designing tool, it is possible to make a beautiful interface. At this platform, you could save a lot of time because at a single artboard a designer could gain responsive designs. So it eliminates the need for thinking different artboards for multiple devices. The team of this platform is constantly adding new features so that you could easily grab the advance feature.

Price: Invision Studio has three different subscription models

Single project – Free

3 projects – $15/month

Unlimited projects – $25/month

8. Craft:

It is a plugin for sketch and Photoshop that do everything to avail of the highly effective design flow. A designer could easily build up an interactive prototype. Additionally, it also mock ups with stock photography and real data.

Price: Free

9. Marvel:

marvelWhen it comes to following a quick idea none of the tools could beat Marvel. It offers a clean platform to build a useful page. With the help of a prototype, you could stimulate the design to the great level. It is also having wonderful features. So it is easy to insert a design into the project workflow.

Price: It’s available at $12 per month.

10. Proto.io

protoIt handles the end to end the designing process and it also provides a lot of possibilities for your project. It is like all in one place with a great number of trusted brands.

Price: You can buy Proto.io at $24 per month.

11. Principle

principleWhen it comes to the mobile application then Principle is the best tool that gives out interaction design. It is easy to look at individual assets. It doesn’t matter what you are designing as a new interaction or the flow of a multi-screen app, this tool lets you do everything simple and sorted.

Price: Principle comes with a free trial. You can buy the full version for $129.

Last thought:

Every mobile app UI design company has a different strategy of working so they must choose the right tool as per their working. All of the above UI-UX design tools are good and have unique features that a designer seeks for the best outcome.