How to Choose the Right ID Badge Buddies?

ID Badge

Badge Buddies are unique types of ID that display the title of the worker in bold letters. They are widely used in healthcare facilities for identification of key personnel like nurses, doctors, licensed vocational nurses, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses. The color-coded badge buddy makes identification easy even from a distance.

The badge cards help in convenient role recognition almost instantly even in the busy environments of Modern healthcare facilities. It allows the hospital staff and patients to decode the role of the person in the healthcare facility by just looking at the badge buddy.

Here we have discussed tips to choose the right ID Badge buddy for your hospital.

Select the Right Background 

The badge buddy offers two background options- white or clear. The selection of the background is a matter of preference.

Pick the Right Color Based on Job Roles

Color is an essential choice in selecting an ID badge.  The colors of the badge you choose should draw the attention of the other person. The badge buddy can be printed in various colors, including primary colors like VIBGYOR and many more. You can select a particular color for doctors and surgeons while a different color for nurses. For example- an orange Badge Buddy for the Doctors, a Blue one for the Registered Nurses, and Green for LPNs.  The color of the badge should help in instant role recognition.

Choose High Visibility Colors 

No matter what color you select for different job roles, make sure the badge buddy has high visibility. This will ensure other staff and patients can recognize doctors, nurses almost instantly and seek help if needed.  It mainly helps in case of emergencies when someone need to reach the right person to get medical care for your loved one. The badge buddy also helps alleviate the job role’s confusion as it is printed in bold on the badge buddy.

Go For a Professional Look 

The badge buddy you select for your staff should look professional. The colors of the badge and text should match your logo and title. It will give the badge buddy a professional look, which is necessary for the workplace.

Select Right Size 

The size of the ID badge is dependent on your healthcare facility preferences. The badge generally has two sections- a blank area at the top that holds the identity card. The other section is a color-coded area that has a word that describes the role of the person in the healthcare facility.  Make sure the ID badge size is just right, not too large nor too small.  The badge buddy is worn exactly under your professional id card so make sure it has the right size.

Opt for Badge Cards With Printing on Both Sides

The badge buddy should have a job role printed on both sides. Even if the identity card attached to the badge buddy is flipped to the opposite side, the letters on the other side of the badge buddy should allow you to identify the healthcare staff with a glance.

Choose the Right Orientation 

The orientation of the badge buddy is the preference of the healthcare facility. Some hospitals prefer vertical badge holders, while some prefer horizontal badge holders.  Remember, the id badge should retrofit your existing ID.  The orientation of your current ID determines which orientation works well with the badge buddy.

The badge buddy can accommodate two lines only due to the size limitations. A badge buddy with horizontal orientation will allow you to print larger fonts for the job role than a badge buddy with vertical orientation.

Make Sure the Badge Buddy Is Lightweight and Durable 

The badge buddy should be lightweight and durable.  Most badge buddies in the market are made of Teslin paper. It is a single coated, solid, and thin uncoated film that is ideal for printing a badge buddy. One good thing about Teslin is its high-performance characteristics. A badge buddy made of Teslin can withstand scuffing, water, chemicals, and more. It is a perfect badge buddy material for the healthcare environment. A teslin badge buddy will last long and survive rugged conditions in the healthcare facility.

Make Sure It Is Easy to Use

The badge buddy is required to hold your professional ID securely and display your job role in the healthcare facility.  The healthcare staff should find it easy to slip the existing ID into the badge buddy. The badge buddy should be laminated, so it protects your professional ID from moisture and other weather elements.

The use of badge buddy is not limited to healthcare facilities. Any business which wants instant identification of their staff can buy them.

To sum up, when choosing a badge buddy, few people have a vague idea of what kind of ID accessory they need. The tips given above help you focus on the badge buddies’ essential aspects and select the right ones for your business.