How To Wash Your Lacrosse Jersey

How To Wash Your Lacrosse Jersey

Lacrosse is an ancient team-based sport that originated in North America. The natives from Eastern Woodlands invented the game of lacrosse. Players maneuver the ball around the field using lacrosse sticks. The game is played in an open grass field and involves struggle, fall, and abrasions.  

The rough nature of the game requires players to do a lot to appear rejuvenated and tidy each time they get down on the pitch for a new game. Keeping their jerseys tidy is important for a fresh start. However, the stubborn stains of grass, perspiration, injuries and makes it very difficult to wash the lacrosse jerseys and keep them new for longer. Thus, the maintenance of lacrosse jerseys is a tough job for everyone from a mom to professional team equipment. To make the washing task easy and effective, we researched and came up with the most effective ways of washing and maintaining the lacrosse jerseys for a fresh and clean start in every game.

Handwash versus. Machine wash

Machine wash: 

Washing the clothes, particularly the lacrosse uniform in a washer requires specific precautions. Firstly, use cold water when you are washing lacrosse jerseys as they are synthetic material. Although cold water does not rinse away the stubborn stains easily, it prolongs the fabric life. Coldwater slows down the issues of shrinkage and color bleeding that happen when you wash synthetic materials repeatedly. The issue of preserving the colors of the lacrosse jersey directs our attention towards a very important precaution that needs to be taken. Only throw it in with the same color clothes. Also, avoid washing a jersey with rough clothes and those with chains and zips. Tumbling with such things in a washer can rip the material. Pour ACTIVE detergent after measuring the powder. Too much amount can reduce the life of the material and colors. On the other hand, less detergent will not clean the clothes efficiently. Always overturn the jerseys before washing them. It will bar the direct effect of machine tumble and chemicals of detergent on the fabric. Moreover, the stains, greasiness, and odor of perspiration will be exposed to the detergent and machine wash. Consequently, it will be easy for a machine to rinse away these odor-making remnants. Fabric softening solutions and chlorine-based bleach are not suitable for lacrosse jerseys. The chemicals in these solutions constrain the moisture-wicking ability that characterizes a lacrosse jersey. Therefore, you must avoid them during a machine wash. For drying, use a natural atmosphere. Machine dryer reduces the durability and vibrance of lacrosse jerseys.


The other option is to handwash the lacrosse jerseys. If you have only one or two jerseys to wash, it is best to launder them manually. For manual laundry, fill your tub or the sink. Prefer to use cold water but in the case of handwash, you can use hot water as well. Although cold water doesn’t have harmful effects on the fabric, they reduce the efficiency of the overall laundry process. It is because, in the manual wash, you don’t have the benefit of rigorous tumbling of the machine. Moreover, it is less laborious to handwash the jerseys with hot water as it removes the stains more easily. Add the required amount of ACTIVE detergent in the container and make lather. Ensure to immerse the jersey in the mixture. For more stubborn stains, apply some extra ACTIVE detergent over the affected area and rub a bit before soaking them in the tub. Soak it for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes in case of stubborn stains and odor. After the soaking time, scrub your jersey gently. Keep the jersey immersed in foamy water while rubbing it for better results. Once satisfied, rinse away the soap with simple water. Repeat the rinsing procedure till you are sure that all the soap is washed away. Soap remnants cause an unpleasant odor and rashes to the skin.

Some more dos and don’t’s 

Washing the lacrosse jerseys manually or in the machine depends on the number of jerseys to be laundered. It also depends on the nature of the stains. The time and effort you can afford to put into the task are also the deciding factors. Here some more tips which will keep your lacrosse jerseys clean and new for longer.

Wash the jerseys as soon as possible:

Some stains are more stubborn than others. If you leave them unattended on a jersey, then they make their roots. The grass and cola stains are tough to eliminate. These stains are chemically parallel to the dye used in the jersey and therefore, can permanently set onto your jersey. Considering this, it is best to do your laundry as soon as possible. If the immediate laundry is not possible, at least rinse the jerseys with cold water or soak them in simple water till you are ready for the proper laundry.

Coldwater for bloody and grassy stains:

Bloody and grassy stains are common on lacrosse jerseys. These stains have a substantial amount of protein. Water makes them set in the fabric. 

Therefore, it is better to soak and wash these stains initially in cold water. If the stains remain, repeat the entire process with hot water. It is sometimes essential to wash first with cold then hot water because once the protein is removed, the hot water can completely take away these stains.

Special detergents for cold water:

Generally, hot water is better for cleaner and easier laundry. However, as lacrosse jerseys are prone to stains that have an element of protein in them, cold water is more suitable for their laundry. Also, cold water increases the lifespan of synthetic materials. To enhance the results of cold water laundry, try to use detergents that are specifically designed to be used in cold water. With such detergents, you won’t need to repeat the process of laundry with hot water to deal with stubborn stains.

Detergent with enzymes:

Several detergents in the market come with advanced formulae. They have the ideal enzymes to remove stains and odors that are commonly found in lacrosse jerseys. Therefore, enzymatic detergents are best to wash these jerseys.

Turn the jerseys inside out:

It is best to flip ver the jerseys before washing them so the inner surface is outwards. The flipping will remove the odor and oiliness more effectively. It will also help in maintaining the color and brightness of the jersey. The printed logo and designs on custom lacrosse jerseys are more likely to lose their vividity and durability if washed directly repeatedly. It is particularly probable in machine wash. Direct washing causes the aging of the fabric. By washing them inverted, the friction affects only the inside material and the effects remain invisible.

Dry in the natural atmosphere:

Machine dryers are not suitable for lacrosse jerseys. Firstly, it will again cause friction if you will tumble dry them, resulting in fraying and pilling. Secondly, the artificial heat will cause issues when the logos and prints from one shirt will heat-transferred to other clothes in the dryer. Therefore, the best way to dry a washed lacrosse jersey is to hang them or lay them in natural air. Let the water drip from the fabric naturally. The moisture-wicking fabrics are already capable of drying quickly. Also, avoid drying them in direct sunlight as it can harm the colors.

Go for sublimated jerseys:

All the lacrosse teams prefer to wear custom jerseys because they have to customize their jerseys with their logos and player names. Other types of customization like printing and embroidery, are popular and effective but fade and fray on repeated washing. Nowadays, sublimation is considered the best and popular type of customization. This type of customization is highly resilient against machine tumble, friction, and detergents. Buy custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms from one of the many online stores. They do not only provide you the jerseys but also offer quality sublimation services at very reasonable rates.   

The above dos and don’ts’s of laundering lacrosse jerseys, either you are going for machine wash or hand wash, will keep your jerseys clean and newer looking for longer. Wash your lacrosse uniforms on the above guidelines to keep your team fresh in shining uniforms every time they occupy the field for a game.