Mobile Proxies for Social Media

Mobile Proxies for Social Media

In social networks, they promote accounts and extract shareware traffic from there. All this requires multi-accounting — a network of profiles. It is not enough to create them from different IP addresses — you need to constantly use different IPs. Ideally, if these are mobile proxies. We will talk about them in this article.

Why Mobile Proxies?

Addresses from mobile carriers are good for social networks for two reasons.

Higher Trust Rate

1 mobile IP address = 100+ subscribers. If one of the users is noticed for “suspicious actions”, he will not be blocked immediately: there are a lot of users on one IP address, and because of one conditional spammer, innocent subscribers may suffer.

IP-address Rotation

In “mobiles”, the address is dynamic. This means that it changes over time or upon request. The rotation time is different — 5, 10, 30 minutes or set by you. On-demand rotation means that the IP changes every time you open a social network – that is, make a web request.

IPv4 or IPv6?

Popular social networks support the IPv6 protocol, but if we are talking about new and little-known sites, we already need to check each one separately.

“Sixes” are cheaper, but not all proxy services sell such mobile addresses: this is unprofitable because not every site supports IPv6. Migration to this type of IP is already underway, but so far slowly: the share of Google traffic on this protocol has not even reached 40%.

Does the Provider Affect the Account Trust?

No, the provider does not affect anything. This parameter is critical if a specific provider is important for your work. And if not, then choose any: the proxy price will remain unchanged.

Will Mobile IPs Save From Blockings?

Yes, they will save you but only if you keep the limits. For example, Instagram has a limit of 50 followers per day. Such restrictions have been introduced everywhere: on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. They are regularly changing, so your task when working with social networks is to constantly look for changes in algorithms. Today you spin 18,000 Instagram accounts, and tomorrow they all fly off.

If you use mobile proxies to create multiple threads, then there is no reason to worry: multi-threaded parsing does not trigger social networks, there are no limits. You are already bypassing the web request limit by creating multiple threads.

Can Other Types of Proxies Be Used?

To work with social networks, both residential and datacenter proxies are used. Residential IP addresses are dynamic, but they are less trusted and banned faster. Datacenter IPs are always static, and if residential and mobile IPs belong to real users, datacenter IPs are routed in data centers — because of this, they are easier to detect.

In addition, individual IPs “live” less than mobile ones. They will often have to be changed when extracting shareware traffic.

What to Look for When Choosing a Seller

Evaluate proxy services according to the following criteria.

Technical Support

It’s good if technical support works 24/7 or at least from morning until late at night: you can solve the problem at any time. Also pay attention to how long the support responds: if you have to wait half an hour or an hour for an answer, it will be inconvenient to use the service.

Free Trial

Test the proxy: suddenly the IP addresses of this particular provider might not suit you. With a free test, you can find it out.


Check out the reviews of this service. If you find a review of 2022, it will be great: even in a year, suppliers can change their approach to work and turn from the best service to the worst and vice versa.


Mobile proxies are chosen because of their trust level and dynamic IP. Popular social networks support both IPv4 and IPv6, but small competitors can only work with the “fours”. Remember: “mobiles” will not save you from a ban if you do not comply with the limits. When choosing a service, check the reviews and the quality of the support, and also check if they give out a free trial. is a place where a lot of mobile proxy locations can be found.