How eCommerce AI Tools Help Increase Your Store Revenue!

How eCommerce AI Tools Help Increase Your Store Revenue

Artificial Intelligence is getting more advanced with every passing day. Many eCommerce stores are experiencing a significant increase in revenue, all thanks to eCommerce AI Tools. Because of AI tools, eCommerce stores can provide interactive and personalized buying experiences, forecast future demands and shun risks related to credit card fraud risk management. Here are some of the AI tools that can increase your eCommerce store’s revenue: 


Namogoo allows eCommerce store owners to increase revenue by picking out lost revenue prospects through AI. This AI tool produces results considering both the website and the app. It helps to smoothen customers’ digital journey by removing all the obstacles persuading buyers to give up on their cart. This tool also helps to manage the following: 

  • Price Checking Extensions
  • Coupons
  • Doesn’t let your competitors to take YOUR customers away

It is quintessentially essential for an eCommerce store to understand customer behavior. is one of the best eCommerce AI tools to help you analyze your customers’ behavior and habits. This tool considers various signals to study consumer behavior – daily activities of a consumer, types of enquiries he makes and scanned products.

Seventh Sense 

Implementing an email marketing campaign requires a lot of time and research. But, thanks to eCommerce AI tools that can ease your work to set up an email marketing campaign. Here are a few of the benefits of the seventh sense: 

  • It sends an email to people right at the optimal engagement time. 
  • It speeds up the email delivery procedure. 


One of the significant challenges eCommerce store owners face is the communication gap. But this eCommerce AI tool (Liveperson) quickly solves the communication gap problem. This AI tool enhances the brand-to-customer conversation. LivePerson provides various Add-Ons like: 

  • Intent Manager
  • Conversational AI 
  • Social Messaging
  • Conversation Manager 
  • Conversation Analytics  


Manual efforts are being leveraged to maintain workflow automation and build KPI dashboards. One of the greatest features of this AI tool is that it helps deal with abandoned shopping carts. Apart from that, Betaout’s AI tool helps in transmitting real-time updates to customers once they’ve abandoned their carts. Thus, inventory updates and limited-time sales-like signals push customers to take their carts to make a significant purchase. 


This eCommerce tool helps to broaden the product discoverability of your eCommerce store. It also assists you in knowing how customers search for products with the help of visual AI and rich catalog data. It also helps to make visual search speedier than textual search. Besides, it is responsible for creating relevant ads with styles and trends.


Granify helps in optimizing revenue for eCommerce store owners. It is quintessentially easy to use. It can collect nearly 500 behavioral data when customers interact with eCommerce stores. This data is used to craft strategies for bettering the customer experience. This AI tool will automatically send the purchase convincing messages whenever it recognizes a conversion opportunity. 

TUP e-Commerce

The best thing about TUP is – ‘It can work on all eCommerce platforms -WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento etc. This tool is best for store owners who aim to optimize revenue and identify personas. 


If you were searching for a tool to optimize and personalize the brand language, there can’t be anything better than Phrasee. This tool is best known for boosting engagement with the help of personalized engagement. 


Every business needs to know its competitors. Prisync helps to study the competitors deeply. It doesn’t only help to study the current prices of the competitive products, but it also helps to observe the price trends of the previous years. This information helps eCommerce business owners frame the calculative strategies as they know their impact. 

Final Comments!

eCommerce tools save time, effort and money, which can be invested into doing those things for which there aren’t any AI alternatives. The eCommerce businesses that want to grow boundlessly always make wise decisions when choosing eCommerce AI tools.