5 Ways to Refurnish Your Kitchen

Ways to Refurnish Your Kitchen

Refurnishing and remodeling a kitchen are a quite daunting task. Among paint colors, type of material and overall look of the kitchen, there are plenty of choices available. And considering that everyone spends a significant time in their kitchens, the stakes are surely high.

 Hence, kitchens remain the focus of home renovations.

For starters, according to a survey conducted by Houzz in 2018, 31 percent of people prioritized renovating their kitchens, whereby 83 percent of them believed that the process would have a positive effect on the price of the house in the resale market.

Are you thinking of refurbishing your kitchen but already dreading the process? Here are five crucial ways in which you can do so. These simple ways are surely going to keep your house-related worries at bay.

  • Refinish old cabinets

Do you feel that your kitchen cabinets have run their course? Before you finally remove your outdated and broken cabinets off, there is one step you can take to try and save the main attraction of the space – kitchen cabinet refinishing.

According to expert Hunter Macfarlane, a quality refinishing job helps in extending the life of kitchen cabinets. To do so, you must begin by removing the cabinets from the wall, cleaning them, and then stripping the cabinets using a stripping agent that is best for the type of its finish.

For example, if your cabinetry has a wax finish, you will first have to put a few drops of turpentine on the wood, followed by a stripping agent. Then, use a wood filler to repair any holes that have been formed in the cabinet. Follow this by lightly sanding out the patches and painting the cabinet with a fresh coat of paint.

Once the paint has dried out, reinstall your cabinets and hinges. Usually, it is best to rely on professionals for the job since it can get tedious and technical.

  • Change the knobs and handles

Do you wish to go beyond just refinishing your cabinets? Well, there is surely more to giving your kitchen a makeover than painting your cabinets.

Another thing you can try to give your kitchen a rejuvenated look is installing new knobs and handles at all the drawers and cabinets. After all, it doesn’t look nice when people enter your kitchen and notice rusty or loose knobs.

Also, these days, you can find a wide variety of custom-made door handles and knobs on platforms like Etsy. You can choose one according to your theme and give your kitchen a new flavor. Make sure that the accessories you choose go with your overall décor.

  • Add new chairs

One kitchen style that has been trending lately has a small dining area within the kitchen.

If you have a designated and lavish dining room, there is something homely about having a few chairs added across your kitchen island. This is because it makes for the perfect spot for having breakfast.

If you already have a kitchen island, all you have to do is add a few chairs to make it into a small dining area. If you already had chairs, get new ones or throw a cushion on top to give it a new feel.

For instance, if you are going through a funky vibe, you can add different colored chairs into the mix to energize the room.

  • Your faucet needs your attention too

Have you ever added a flower vase to your lounge and felt it really brightened the place up? Sometimes the smallest changes can end up making the biggest difference in how a room looks. And this is true for kitchens as well.

While often ignored, changing a faucet can make a kitchen appear more stylish. All that you are required to do is pick a faucet that goes with the color and style theme of your kitchen.

For example, a modernistic faucet might not go well with a cottage style. Here a rustic farmhouse kitchen faucet will look best.

If you wish for the faucet to draw attention, select a bold color like black or red.

  • Switch the curtains/blinds

Another change that doesn’t cost arm and leg is switching up the window dressing of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a prominent window, your choice of curtains or blinds will play a huge look in how the room looks.

While light-colored blinds might give the room an open and airy feeling, a darker shade will make a big kitchen look less overpowering and hollow. We recommend you add new colors to your kitchen by changing the style and color of the curtains. Mix up the textures and watch as the kitchen transforms into something good.

Taking the example of a cottage-style kitchen, adding a rustic chic color curtain to the windows will help in improving the look of the kitchen. Also, if your windows are small, try to avoid patterns and designs and opt for plain blinds instead.

Overall, here are four tips that will help you select the right blinds:

  • Pick curtains that are easy to maintain and wash. Remember, curtains in the kitchen tend to get dirty quite frequently owing to proximity to food items and stove heat.
  • Assess the lighting in the area and decide on the type of curtain accordingly. For a dim-lit area, a light fabric will be enough to block unnecessary light.
  • Pick a color that complements kitchen furniture color for effective contrast.
  • You can use decorative braids to hide curtain mounts or add ties and ribbons to enhance your kitchen’s elegance.

Ending Remarks

With these five easy-to-follow ways, you can easily refurbish your old kitchen and breathe new life into it.

Surprisingly, you don’t always need a huge budget to revamp your kitchen. Merely refining old cabinets, painting the room, adding a few chairs and curtains, and replacing old faucets and knobs will give your kitchen the makeover it needs!

Try it out and see if it works in improving the look of your kitchen.