The Perfect Online Tools to Use For Your Portable Document Format

The Perfect Online Tools to Use For Your Portable Document Format

There are several online tools that you can use for your online documents. For example, an online platform like PDFBear specializes in configuring online document formats like Portable Document Format. It is also the go-to platform in converting document formats to transform from one format to another. Hence, exploring their website can be a good thing to do.

You can use their online tools to transform your online document format to your specific needs. It is also possible for you to optimize, add security, view, edit, and more for your PDF files. The more time you invest in exploring their website, the more you can learn about their online tools. For you to have an idea of the online tools available, here are some examples.

The Protect PDF Online Tool

Most of the documents that are uploaded are prone to hackers and unauthorized access. Unfortunately, the internet today has a flawed approach to the security of your online documents. Hence, configuring your document to improve the security system is a must to secure documents.

You can use the online tool Protect PDF which is mainly used for adding security to your PDF files. It helps you to improve the security system of your PDF file by encrypting a password. This online tool is available from the website of PDFBear. All you need is your device, internet connection, and the document you want to configure. Here is how you can use their online tool.

  • Transfer and upload the document from your device to their system.
  • Type in the password that you want to use as your access key.
  • If you’re satisfied with the password that you want to use, click “Encrypt PDF.”
  • Download and transfer your newly encrypted PDF file.

The Unlock PDF Online Tool

You are available with an online tool that allows you to put an encrypted password in your PDF file. However, it is essential that you have an option to remove the encrypted password anytime you want to do so. The Unlock PDF online tool can help you remove the encrypted password in your PDF file.

This online tool is the go-to function of most individuals who want a more convenient way of accessing their documents. There are times where you are required to open multiple online documents. However, opening them one by one with an encrypted password can take your time and effort. Hence, removing them can be an excellent option to be more productive in your work.

Here is how to use the Unlock PDF online tool from PDFBear.

  • Upload the encrypted document that you want to go into the conversion process.
  • You need to enter the password of the PDF file. It requires you to have the password of the PDF file as it is required.
  • Once you have typed in the correct password. You can now click the “Unlock PDF” button.
  • You can now save your newly decrypted PDF file.

The Shared Document Online Tool

Suppose that you are done converting your online documents with PDFBear. Then, you can use the online tool Share Document, which allows you to send your online documents to specific recipients. It is also an option to send them a link to your online document. This can enable them to download it into their device, which is recommended for numerous recipients.

This is an essential online tool to share your document with several individuals easily. Having this online tool exist from the platform of PDFBear is an advantage. You do not have to visit another website to share your documents which can take much of your time. You can also use an enterprise secure file transfer to ensure the protection of your files. This can result in a more productive day as you can save as much time and effort. 

Here is how to use the shared document online tool.

  • Suppose that you are done converting or want to share your newly converted document. You will need to reupload the freshly converted document into the system of PDFBear.
  • Fill up the recipient’s email address.
  • You can also put a message for the recipient to read when receiving your document.
  • Directly send your document or copy the link provided and send it to your recipients.


The online tools mentioned above are only a few life hacks you can use for your PDF files. You can learn more about the online tools as you visit the website of PDFBear. The more you invest your time and effort in exploring their website, the more things you can learn about your PDF file.