6 Tips to Follow If You Have Pests in Your Home

Tips to Follow If You Have Pests in Your Home

Pests are something that you never want to see in your home. Alongside looking unpleasant, they can cause structural damage, spread germs that are harmful to your health and are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep them at bay.

If you have recently found out that you have pests in your home, keep on reading. We are going to be discussing some tips to follow that may be of help.

 Let’s get started!

Clear out clutter

Pests love living in clutter, so in order to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back, it’s important to tidy up. Remove rubbish, do the dishes and keep an overall clean home. It’s also wise to clean the backyard by throwing away debris and eliminating water sources. These spring cleaning tips are a great place to get started if you haven’t already.

Wash your bedding

Bed bugs are nasty pests that love living in your sheets. If you’ve noticed red marks on your pillow or small itchy welts on your skin, you may have them in your home. They multiply quickly, so to get rid of them completely, you’ll need to call a pest control service to remove them before it becomes an infestation. Additionally, wash all of your bedding in hot water. It’s also a good idea to steam clean your mattress and couch.

Clean your carpet and rugs

Since pests bring in germs and bacteria, you want to make sure that your floor is as clean as possible. This is especially important for families that may have a crawling baby. Vacuum and wash your carpet with a cleaner if you have one. It’s also a good idea to hire a rug cleaning service. This way, you can give them an effective wash and have more time to focus on other things.

Store your food correctly

Pests are drawn to food, and even if you clean up the crumbs, they can still sense unprotected items. Make sure that everything is either covered with cling wrap or placed in a sealed container in your pantry/refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables should also be stored this way. Otherwise, bugs and flies might sneak inside for a tasty treat.

Seal your entrances

Sometimes no matter how clean and organized you are, creepy crawlies still manage to get into your home. To keep this to a minimum, walk around your property and seal any cracks/openings. While they may seem small at first, you would be surprised at what can fit through a tiny hole. Rips in your screen door and gaps in your window and just two places to check out.

Hire a pest inspector

Finally, the last step to follow if you notice any pests in your home is to hire a pest inspector. In some cases, you may not even realize how bad an infestation is. Termites and rats can chew through almost anything and can be challenging to eliminate yourself. Getting in the professionals really is the best way to ensure that they are removed as efficiently as possible.