How to Revamp Your Staircase With Exceptional Decor

How to Revamp Your Staircase With Exceptional Decor

The staircase is a very quintessential and occupied element of the home. It is often overlooked in terms of detailing, but its placement is ideal for an eye-catching decoration. You can give a makeover to this whole space with unique ideas.

Incorporate some favorite ideas from here and see the transformation of your ordinary staircase to an impressive staircase.

Gratefully, there are numerous things you can do to revamp your staircase. Let’s discuss what all you can do with your staircase to make it an inviting place. 

Bring Lively Element to Staircase Risers

There are various ways in which you can add a fun element to the risers. For example, paint the risers alternatively with two colors, or you can DIY stair numbers on each riser. 

You can also paste wallpapers of exotic patterns like bohemian, Moroccan, or any delicate way.  The risers, while climbing up, will look magnificent.

Pop up the Spindles

Are you bored of monotonous spindles of standard colors? Modify them to exciting colors. For example, suppose your staircase is white. You can paint the spindles in neon greenish colors. This fantastic contrast will look so unique and provide a color match.

Rustic hand railing

On the left wall side of your staircase, you can install a rustic hand railing. Take a long wooden log and hang it on the wall with the help of U – shaped clamps. The detailing will look so rustic, raw, and wild.

Wall arts on the staircase wall

There are plenty of ideas by which you can incorporate wall arts in the staircase wall. You can keep it simple by going with a large statement canvas. Or a bold abstract piece or any style that goes with your home’s setup.

You can hang multiple small frames of vibrant and bright color arts; it will add fresh energy to your decor. Explore all the fantastic ideas for staircase wall art and select what’s best for you.

Personalize the Wall

You can add a personal touch to the staircase wall with customized photos. You can make a photo grid of frame prints. Your precious family moments or with your friends from the last trip.

Your art Gallery

Do you possess some magnificent hand paintings, wall hangings, or DIY showpieces? Then, customize the wall into your wall gallery by mixing and matching all things.

The Mirror Play

Visualize a large mirror with a floating shelf under it. A small planter placed on the shelves with a mirror looks so simple yet very elegant. 

Mirrors make your place brighter and give an illusion of a bigger space. Also, you can check yourself every time you pass by.

Premium Look With Vase

On the ample rest of your staircase, you can place a beautiful vase in the corner. Go for golden hues or a ceramic pot with fine detailing and colors. It looks very royal and completes the place.


Rugs look so warm and welcoming. You can throw a full-length rug on the stairs. Buy an anti-skid and dust-free rug with a bold pattern. The layering looks so comforting and pleasing.

Captivating Lights

A hanging ceiling light at the top of the staircase roof will complete the look. You can go for bamboo-style lights or a pendant-style metallic light. You can also mount wall sconces near the mirror on the wall. The lights look very cozy and, especially at night, give a vibrant look to your staircase.

Go big With Mural

Go big with staircase murals. But, on the other hand, if you just want to invest in simple art and still change the place’s vibe, the mural is for you. Murals are simply drawn and painted on any type of surface. 

You can choose black and white or add lots of color to your mural. The mural can be simple with calming design and colors too. For example, the stair wall is visible from downstairs and upstairs, making it a highlighted wall.


If you feel lazy and can’t change the color pallet, you can choose an easy, equally fresh way. Removable wallpaper with elementary yet beautiful colors is available. 

They have patterns too and look very premium. You can arrange your wall decor over them and bring life to with a new color palette.

Old Shutter Backdrop

Do something out of the box and repaint your old shutters of closets. Then, hang them on the staircase wall and use them as a backdrop for hanging frames and green plants.

Cozy Carpeting

Make your feet feel so comfortable, and install a cushioned carpet all over the stair steps. Go for lights and bright colors. The detailing is unimaginable and looks so gorgeous.

Let’s Wrap up

Reconsider your staircase space and add decor according to the setting. Simple, modern, or rustic, place your wall hangings at eye level. DIY some decor and invest in some to give a make-over to this place. 

You can style a staircase with so many things. These tips will come in handy, and everyone will applaud you for your mind-blowing effort.