Get To Know About Excelitas Digipyros – The Best Digipyros in The Entire Globe

Get To Know About Excelitas Digipyros

All around the globe, Excelitas DigiPyros are referred to as the go-to pyro detectors. This is primarily because the company’s DigiPyros have proved to be as effective as advertised. Here’s a list of the DigiPyros produced by this company and all you need to know about them.

PYD 2592 Dual-Element Low-Power SMD DigiPyro

The PYD 2592 Dual-Element Low Power DigiPyro is one of the most recent detectors. Designed for operation voltage of 1,8-3,6 voltage, the detector has been well received in the market. This is primarily because it performs exceptionally well. Some of its notable features include wide field-of-view (broadest in the market) for flexible optics design, low supply voltage, energy efficiency, and a low package profile. It’s worth mentioning that of all the detectors in circulation, the PYD 2592 has the lowest z-height. If you choose to purchase this detector, you can rest assured that it’ll serve you as well as you want.

PYD 1378 Low-Cost Dual-Element Pyro

The PYD 1378 is, as its name suggests, a dual-element detector. Since its venture into the market, it has become one of the most preferred detectors due to the fact that it is amazingly effective for a detector of its price. Some of its most notable features include TO-5 metal housing for EMI shielding, high responsivity ceramic pyroelectric elements, a dual detector with 2*1 mm squared elements, 71 degrees field-of-view, integrated FET in source follower configuration, and an integrated EMI filtering stage. Apart from long-distance motion detection, the PYD 1378 has a number of applications. They include horizontal mounting applications, energy-saving applications, and intrusion alarms.

PYD 1588, PYD 1598 Low-Power DigiPyros

The PYD 1588 and PYD 1598 low-power DigiPyros are both fantastic detectors. More than once, both detectors have been ranked as being among the best worldwide due to the fact that they are both massively effective. Their features are wake up/sleep mode, 1,8 voltage operation, selectable bandpass, pulse count option. The PYD 1588 and PYD 1598 can be used in IP cameras, wireless intrusion alarms, battery-operated motion detection, as well as portable motion detection. If you purchase this detector, you’ll enjoy an extended detection range and quick reaction time.

PYD 5731 Miniature Dual-Element DigiPyro

One of the most miniature detectors in the globe, the PYD 5731 is among the best in the industry. Perfect for mid-distance motion detection, this compact digital output dual-element pyro boasts a wide range of features. The said features include integrated digitization, great responsivity ceramic pyroelectric elements, 99 degrees field-of-view, TO-46 metal housing (for high EMI immunity), and a dual detector with 1.4 * 0.4 mm square. Like other detectors produced by Excelitas, the PYD 5731 is perfect for intrusion alarms and horizontal mounting applications. It also works well in compact lens design.

PYD 1794 Dual-Element Low Profile DigiPyro

Judging by its superb reviews, it is fair to say that the PYD 1794 Dual-Element Low Profile DigiPyro is one of the most exceptional detectors in circulation. Known for its excellent EMI protection, this product represents the low-profile TO-39 housing version of a standard DigiPyro. Some of its notable features include exceptional responsivity ceramic pyroelectric elements, two elements detector, 115 degrees field-of-view, as well as integrated digitization. It’s worth noting that for its price, it is an exceptional buy.

PYD 1788, PYD 1798 Dual-Element DigiPyros

The PYD 1788 and PYD 1798 Dual-Element DigiPyros are both top-notch detectors. Although both are pretty identical, the PYD 1788 is a bit cheaper. It’s worth noting that both detectors feature TO-5 metal housing, digital direct link, different window sizes, and magnificent EMI protection. It’s also worth noting that both detectors work wonderfully in passive intrusion alarms, auto light switches, and auto lamps. Before settling on a given detector, it’s in your best interest to learn about its track record. Going by the fact that both these detectors have superb track records, it’s more than appropriate to state that purchasing either would be a move you’ll live to forever be proud of.

PYD 1384, PYD 1394 Dual-Element Pyros

The Excelitas PYD 1384/PYD 1394 Pyrodetector series are both dual-element, low-profile pyro detectors. The PYD 1384 characterizes the standard model of the low-profile series. On the other hand, the PYD 1394 is equipped with a larger window. Thus, it boasts a wider field of view and enhanced performance. It’s worth stating that both pyros are housed in TO-39 metal low-profile housing. This housing enables both models to save space. It also enables the models to perform applications that require lens optics with small focal lengths. Time and again, the PYD 1384 and PYD 1394 dual-element pyros have earned massive praise as they are pretty durable. This being the case if you’re searching for a product that’ll serve you for a lengthy period, either of these detectors would be a wise move.

Choose Wisely, Purchase the Detector You Need from Excelitas

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of detector-making companies across the globe. It’s also worth noting that although all these companies claim that their products are exceptional, this isn’t always true. To avoid purchasing a faulty product, it’s essential that you purchase from a company that is known to deliver. Excelitas has, for decades, continually provided its customers with amazing products. Thus, it’s quite safe to say that Excelitas delivers. With a detector from Excelitas, you’ll enjoy:

Optimal Performance

If you’re looking for a company that’ll provide you with an efficient detector, you should look no further than Excelitas. Before settling on a given detector-making company, it’s critical that you ensure it makes efficient products. Given that Excelitas has proved to be one such firm, you can count on its product to perform as efficiently as you’d like it to.

Value For Your Money

All Excelitas products are cost-effective. Given that all of them are also efficient, it’s safe to state that purchasing one would be great value for your money. With an Excelitas product, you’re bound to have a fantastic experience.