Using Tech Gadgets in Trade shows will Help you Build Swag; and ROI!

Tech Gadgets

The trade exhibitions are still popular in the modern digitalized industry and almost 82% of surveyors have depicted them as a source to produce leads of “nice” or “excellent” consistency. Technology allows most exhibitors to enhance and customize their experience as per their participants. The technology of trade shows isn’t for large budget displayers alone.

Has Marketing for Trade Shows Changed?

Marketing for trade shows isn’t what it used to be. Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of the experience on the platform that allows exhibitors to draw the most relevant visitors to them and to provide better experiences.

The question that arises here is how a business can utilize technology to make the best of your trade show experience. While your trade show booth company can easily help you in designing the space according to your demands, you must understand the proper utilization of technology according to your advantage.

How technology can help you boost your ROI in a Tradeshow?

Trade shows can help you derive high-end leads, develop a brand image and awareness as well as introduce your business to people with whom you can develop a long term relationship with. A proper trade show performance will help you in getting your name in the industry and also to establish a proper market position. Find Milwaukee trade show with LED screen to get more information.

Using the correct technology will help the exhibitors to make a mark. It will not only help your business reach an international presence as well as profit figures in a lesser time than usual. Not only this but having a modern interaction with the audience at the exhibition will help the business in generating leads that might end up being your long-term customers as well as new ideas on how to use technology for the best of yourself.

  • Interaction with Touch

The main goal when visiting a trade show is to get other customers to your booth so that the products/service can be displayed to the right people. To support you achieve that you can bring some immersive and experiential show choices into your exhibition stand.

The options are endless from interactive walls and screens to motion detectors that launch a video presentation any time a guest enters. Experiential experiences are a good way to encourage guests in a friendly way to communicate with your media content rather than just listening to you talk about how good your product is.

Touch screens are highly advanced. You may embed touchscreen technology into walls, tables or columns, enabling it to fit seamlessly into your stand environment. Instead, from your company tale to product details and games you will totally tailor the interactions.

  • Virtual Reality Escape

To simply convert the visitors into leads or even into customers, you need to build an interactive experience that brings your concept to life. Virtual or augmented reality is among the most popular methods to do so.

Virtual reality allows you to engage with every visitor much more strongly because it makes them an essential part of your virtual story. It’s much more immediate than a simple product demonstration video, say–that means it’s much more efficient. For starters, by recreating the on-board experience with VR, an airline might present a premium business class.

The benefits can be immense when you use virtual reality. Technology is still innovative enough to generate excitement, and buzz means that you attract, engage, and convert more visitors – while your VR experience is efficiently linked to your brand.

  • Mobile Technology

Mobile apps are also ideal for if you want your booth to get more attention and more participants. You can use them to specifically deliver push notifications or alerts to mobile devices to warn people that your stand is next to you.

This will be a great way for people you already display at the fair to see what you have in mind for them. You want them to come by your stand. You will personalize and incorporate comments, such as offering the first 50 guests free baked goods or bringing one of the bestselling items home.

Some applications on the market can now build convincing surveys or operate brief qualified questionnaires to automatically gather customer information.

The top priorities in this regard are mentioned as:

    • Quick Tap Survey
    • iCapture
    • iLeads
  • Play for Attention

Trade Show Booth company can help you develop a physical attraction to your booth but gaining the attention of relevant people is totally up to how you decide to get their attention. Since you are not alone there, thousands of competitors are also by your side, this can be somewhat tricky.

Who doesn’t like games? Your regular offline games are popular even now but the digital technology gadgets allow the exhibitors to bring the games into reality. For instance, you can combine digital gaming with a very popular touch screen and immersive display as well as the motion-recognition to create a catchy and attention-catching experience for the visitors.

The concept where a traditional meets modern is remembered by a lot of people and hence, you must create a memorable experience for the audience.

  • Move yourself and your Booth

Through gesture control, to motion detection, you can look into the use of this kind of technology for your benefit. The idea is touchless contact through motion-sensitive devices, whatever the term you use.

Motion driven technology has many applications, spanning from health services to vehicles, but can be used also in the stand system. When you embed hand gestures in their stand, it means visitors can remotely interact through moving their hands or body.

For example, visitors can flick the video with their hands to start and stop a product demonstration through a gesture control interface. Or a moving floor, which can switch content as people go through it, can be created.


The development of technology has indeed allowed trade shows to be at their finest and generate the most profitable ROI figures than ever. The good part is that this will keep growing.