8 Devices that Will Help the Elderly

Devices that Will Help the Elderly

Growing old isn’t easy. While it may have its benefits – such as more time to rest – it’s not always sunshine and roses. There are many struggles that go hand in hand with growing older. 

While many of these things can happen to people of any age, the chances of it happening become much higher as people age. Older people are more likely to lose their sight or hearing, and they are also more likely to get injured or experience memory problems. 

Of course, this is horrible, but there is an upside. Technology has made great strides in the past few years, and there are thus many devices that can help the elderly stay safe and entertained. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Medical alert systems

As mentioned, elderly people are more prone to being injured, often through falls. Unfortunately, they will often be in a position where they have fallen and are injured, but they can’t reach their phone to contact someone. 

Medical alert systems can detect falls, meaning someone will be able to assist the injured person. This is a great idea for elderly people living alone, so have a look at the best medical alert systems

Panic buttons

We’ve already covered medical alert systems for when someone is injured, but there is another type of alert system that can also be beneficial for the elderly, and that is a security alert system.

If someone older lives alone, people may think that they are an easy target, which means that they could get caught in a burglary. Panic buttons are a great way for them to alert the necessary people. These buttons can be stationed around the house, but we recommend having a portable one that they can carry around their necks for safety at all times.

Entertainment systems

One huge downside to growing old is the fact that many people get bored. If you go to work every day, you get used to being busy. But if you’re stuck at home all day, every day, it can be really boring. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to get an entertainment system for the elderly. If you’re thinking that an entertainment system might be too complicated for them, you could be right, but there are entertainment systems and devices that are easy for older people to use. 

A device such as a Google home, for example, works with voice commands, meaning the elderly can listen to music or do any of these cool things simply by telling the device what to do. 

Seat assistance devices

You may notice that older people often struggle to sit down, and they especially struggle to stand up. This is because their balance may be affected by their age, and they do not always have the strength needed to lift and lower themselves.

This can be a safety risk since it means that they could easily lose their balance and fall. Luckily, there are devices geared towards fixing this problem. These seat assist devices will automatically lower the person into their chair, and also help them stand up so that they don’t need to struggle with it. 


Of course, we’re not saying put someone elderly on a normal scooter, as that may be unsafe, but there are scooters specifically developed for older people. 

These aren’t made to go out on the roads, but they can help them move around their retirement home. Maintaining a social life in retirement is hard, especially because many elderly people won’t be able to visit their friends who live in the same retirement home as them. A scooter can offer them a bit of independence and help them move around. 

GPS devices

As you likely know, there are various kinds of GPS devices out there. Most of us have it on our phones to help us navigate. But GPS devices can be incredibly helpful for the elderly as well, especially those who suffer from memory problems.

Firstly, if they are lost, a GPS device can tell them where they are. They can then find their way back home, or call someone to come fetch them. Secondly, if they ever go missing or get lost, their loved ones can track their location using this GPS device, so that they can find them. 

Screen readers

As mentioned, the elderly often struggle with their vision. This can be incredibly frustrating for people who enjoy reading. For entertainment purposes, audiobooks and CDs can be a good way to go. 

If they enjoy educating themselves and reading newspapers and articles, screen readers are ideal. Screen readers will read the words of a piece of text aloud, allowing them to consume it audibly instead of visually. You can click here to learn about the best screen reader apps. 

Memory aids

Because the elderly are more susceptible to memory problems, there is a big likelihood of them easily forgetting things. Memory aids can be a great help.

Depending on their situation, they may need something simple, like a pill container that tells them which pills to drink on which days. People with more severe memory problems may rely heavily on apps.

Most smartphones have various kinds of memory aid apps, so if you can teach the older person how to use and navigate a smartphone, you can set up these apps to make sure that they don’t forget anything important. 

In conclusion

While growing old certainly does bring a whole host of potential problems, technology has made it easier to manage and prevent them. 

The elderly do not need to struggle as much to do everyday tasks, as there are many devices that can help them. Their loved ones can also rest a bit easier knowing that their elderly relatives and friends are safer because of these devices. 

These devices certainly do not erase the problems, and the elderly may still struggle, but their lives will be made even easier. So, if you are elderly, or you know someone who is, see if any of the devices we’ve discussed can help.