The Dangers of A Slab Leak And How To Prevent Them?

The Dangers of A Slab Leak And How To Prevent Them

Any leak in your home is not at all good as it offers significant annoyance and also causes damage to your home. However, even a small leak in the faucets will slowly cause damage to your home, and there is a spike in the utility bill. Apart from that, if you talk about some leaks, they also have an adverse effect on the health of the family members. This is true for slab leaks.

Basically, slab leaks are simple leaks, but they occur below the concrete slab of the home. The slab leak can cause severe damage to the property, and it is also hazardous. However, in other words, a slab leak happens when the pipes under the foundation of the home start leaking. In many cases, these leaks are very small, like pinholes, but in other cases, the leaks are massive when the situation of flood occurs. Now the question arises what are the dangers of a slab leak in the home?

Dangers of a slab leak

  • Health issues:

One of the significant severe dangers that slab leaks cause is related to the health of the family members. That means that when there is a slab leak, the water will stand inside your home, and because of excess moisture, the mold will start growing. As the mold grows, it starts spreading slowly and starts infecting the house without your attention. 

According to slab leak repair Carlsbad professionals, if human beings will breathe in the mold environment for a long period of time, they will undoubtedly suffer from respiratory diseases. Moreover, mold growth causes issues like coughing, wheezing, and many other problems. However, if you have kids and infants at home, the effects are quite severe. 

  • Damage to your home

The problem of a slab leak can also weaken the overall integrity of the home. The house’s foundation plays an essential role as the whole house sits on it. No matter if the foundation of the home is built with sturdy material then, also damage will take place as water pressure will force shifts in the home foundation. In the beginning, this problem will cause cracks in walls or roofs, but with time the foundation will collapse if not repaired on time. 

  • Impacts finance negatively

If the problem of a slab leak is repaired on time after watching the signs, it will save you a great deal of money. That means if you inspect your home every now and then and repair even a minor leak on time, it will save your money in the long run. But if you are not aware of the signs of a slab leak and you don’t inspect your home, then the repair will be significantly more and its cost also. So, if you don’t want to face the dangers of a slab leak, then make sure to inspect your home for leaks regularly and repair even the pinhole leaks on time.

How do we prevent slab leaks?

Every individual wants to avoid the problem of slab leak at any cost as they very well know how dangerous it could be. So, for the best result, ensure to keep an eye on the below things, which will help you to avoid slab leaks. They are: –

  • Keep your home water pressure under control.

In many homes, water pressure is too high, especially in older homes which causes great stress on the water pipes. The high water pressure can easily damage or break the water pipes when high water pressure passes through small pipes. In this regard, you must know the size of your home water pipes to check whether the water pressure in your home is high or low.

  • Go for routine drain cleaning.

In order to prevent the issue of a slab leak, make sure to go for the regular drain cleaning service of your home’s main drain system. This step will prevent your plumbing system from all sorts of pressure build-up. 

  • Quality of water

The water you are getting at home is described as hard or soft water that is determined on the basis of pH level. That means water is measured on a scale of 1 to 14, and if the pH value of water is below seven, then it is acidic in nature; if it is above seven, it is considered soft water. 

If the water you are getting has a PH between 6.5 to 8.5, it is best for your home plumbing system. However, if it is running out of this range, then it can easily damage your home water pipes and can lead to other serious issues. So, to avoid slab leaks, make sure to check the PH scale of the water which you are receiving at home. 

  • Chemicals down the drain

Many people put all sorts of things down the drain, which they should not, and eventually lead to clogs. In this regard, most people think that if their drains face the issue of clogs, they will buy any of the chemical compounds to clean or unclog the drain. But according to the experts of drain cleaning services, using these products is destructive and must be avoided at all costs as they damage water pipes causing leaks in them. 

  • Go for regular inspection of your plumbing system.

This is one of the best ways by which you can avoid the issue of a slab leak in your home. That means go for the regular or routine inspection of your home plumbing system by a certified professional. In this inspection, they will check every drain of your home with the help of a drain camera in which they will come to know the issues in the plumbing system. 

However, they will fix those issues by which the chances of a slab leak will be minimized.

The bottom line

A slab leak is undoubtedly a widespread problem in most homes in the USA. But there are various steps by which you can avoid this common problem to a great extent. So, keep in mind the above tips which can prevent the slab leak in your home for the best result. Apart from that, if you find any leaks in your home, ensure to repair it as soon as possible by calling a professional.