Luxury Elements That Make Your Kitchen Stylish In The New Year

Luxury Elements That Make Your Kitchen Stylish In The New Year

It’s a new year, and there’s a lot of positive energy around. The start of the year is the perfect time to make a change, and you’ve been wanting to upgrade your kitchen for years. So here are some tips to help you with this goal!

Kitchen Design

If you want a luxury kitchen, you need to make an appointment with a professional designer. Yes, you can design it yourself, but it’s probably not going to be that good; after all, you don’t have any experience in designing. So, seeking out the help of an expert is the right thing to do. It is important to have an idea of how you want the kitten to look at the end. Explain every detail, including the materials, colors, and even the placement of the items in the kitchen.

The expert will tell you if your idea can be implemented. Also, before you seek the advice of a professional, make a rough estimate of your budget. Try not to rush things; don’t pick the first designer that you come across.

Ask for the opinion of another professional; by doing this, you may end up getting a better deal. You can later use this money to increase the budget for your kitchen.

The colors

You created an estimate of the budget, and now is the time to choose the look of your kitchen. Every luxury image is based first and foremost on colors; it has been like that since the beginning of time. So, colors are considered a luxury, for example, gold and purple. So, you must decide on the color of multiple surfaces, first the walls and the floor, and then the color of the working surfaces. The difficult part of this job is balancing everything, as there are many factors.

This is where having a designer helps a lot. I suggest you give him some basic ideas of how you want things to be, and he will create a matching model for you. The rest of the job is pretty easy; you just need to wait a bit for him to create the first design, and if you like it, you can already start with the preparation.

High-End Equipment

This is not a mind-blowing fact: If you want a luxury kitchen, you will need high-end gear. The only thing that you need to look for is how you’re going to integrate everything; this part comes down to you. You need to decide on the brand and placement of the equipment.

Consult your manager about the best brands; visit their website and see what they have to offer and how it compares to your budget. Also, it is good to create a list of the products that you desire to have in your kitchen.

Divide the list into two sections, the first of which contains the necessary items. you need for daily use, such as a refrigerator, toaster, oven, and so on, while the second part should include items you don’t need but still want to have. For example, you might want to be able to make cocktails at home with an ice-making machine.

Maybe you want to have a large flat-screen TV so that you can watch movies. While you are dining, the possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you. This is the point of having a luxury kitchen; create it as you wish.

Show Kitchen

Almost all modern kitchens are made in two parts, one to accommodate guests and the other for cooking purposes. So, in essence, you have a large marble table in the center where guests can engage in small talk while waiting for the food. That is a picture of a classic modern kitchen, but to truly make it luxurious, you must combine the two. How many houses have a show kitchen? The answer is not many.

Show kitchens are popular in high-end restaurants; they are not cheap, but they look so good. They are great for private parties, as you can hire a professional chef who is going to cook for you and your friends. The only disadvantage of having a show kitchen is that they are expensive, and the equipment that they consist of is difficult to repair.

This can make your life very difficult. Imagine the situation: you are hosting a private event and your oven stops working. You don’t know what to do, and you are thinking of canceling the party. You may think that this is an easy problem, but these are branded very expensive products, so finding someone who does high-end oven repair is a tough job. Anyway, it is way cheaper than buying a new one.

Hidden Bar

I’ve already mentioned cocktails, and this was one reason why. People nowadays enjoy hanging out in the kitchen while they eat, which is why so many modern kitchens are two-part. So, having a hidden self that opens is a cool idea. You can fill it with all kinds of beverages; you can set up your bar. First and foremost, beverages and food go in the same package. What is the point of a luxury kitchen if you cannot host a private “fine dining party”? So, if you plan on hosting a private party, you can hire a professional service, which will make your dining experience unique and separate you from everyone else.

Imagine having a private chef who prepares the dish on the spot and, on top of that, a private bartender to mix your killer cocktails. Also, because it’s hidden, you can use it as a surprise for the guests that are visiting you for the first time.

To me, it is always cool to see a nice bottle of single-malt whisky or a classic cocktail. You will have endless material to tell epic stories because almost every high-end drink has a great story behind it.

But don’t go overboard with your beverage selection; I recommend starting with the basics (spirits) and then slowly expanding. The reason for this is that high-end drinks also have a high price.