15 Best Tools Every Plumber Needs In Their Toolbox

15 Best Tools Every Plumber Needs In Their Toolbox-1

Plumbers should be good with their hands and also technically inclined. Along with that, they should also be well aware of the right tools. Not only that, but they should know how to use those tools for doing their job.

So, if you are a professional plumber Laguna Hills, then you should possess the right plumbing tools to make your job easy. Even the most skillful and versatile plumber requires vital plumbing tools to perform their work.

Some of the well-known and effective tools that are used by the plumbers include Pliers, Plumber’s Wrenches, Cutters and Saws for Plumbing, Plumber’s Drain Snake and Hand Augers, Plungers, Plumbers Tools for Safety, etc.

In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know about the tool list which every plumber should focus on using for their daily plumbing jobs.

Also, these particular tools mentioned here contribute to providing a long-lasting solution for your customers.

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#1. Plungers

Clogged pipes are considered to be one of the most common problems that are experienced by plumbers. In this regard, a plunger is proved to be very helpful. It is a very handy plumbing tool that the plumbers can use for opening the clogged pipes.

So, in such situations, a plumber cannot depend on the plunger that might be present in the house. Instead of that, they should possess proper types of plungers for the accomplishment of the job. Below are given three common types of plumbers which they could have.

  • Accordion plungers

This is a type of plunger which is made from hard plastic. Although this sort of plunger is considered to be harder to use, you would be able to create a higher pressure by making use of these accordion plungers.

  • Flange plungers

This type of plunger is generally used for toilets. When compared to another important type of plunger i.e. cup plunge, this type of plunger has several important advantages. One of the most important advantages is that this type of plunger can effectively fit in any type of sink.

  • Cup plungers

Cup plungers are generally used on flat surfaces. These are also known as sink plungers. One of the most important advantages of cup plungers is that they can create positive pressure while pressing, but while pulling, this tends to create negative pressure.

#2. Plumber’s Drain Snake And Hand Augers

In some of the cases, you will see that the blockage is too deep in the pipe. So, you will find that the plungers cannot be used for solving this particular problem. In this regard, a snake machine or hand augers can prove to be useful tools for cleaning the pipe.

This is considered to be the major reason, why a professional plumber should focus on adding these particular tools to their list.

  • Drain snake

This particular machine is a motorized version of an auger which is heavier, but easier to use.

  • Hand augers

This is regarded as a useful tool that can be used for opening a clogged sink. In this regard, plumbers can reach deeper into the sink pipe by making use of the cable of the auger. This lets the water flow through.

#3. Junior Hacksaw

This is considered to be a smaller version of a hacksaw that can be used for reaching the spaces that are unreachable for a regular hacksaw. Also, this particular tool can be very useful whenever a plumber needs to work in extremely narrow spaces.

  • Hole saw kit

A hole saw a kit is an important tool with the help of which, you would be able to achieve the best plumbing work. There are various circumstances where you need to pass the pipe through another surface and a hole saw kit is proved to be very helpful in such situations.

  • Metal File

A metal file is used to increase the work quality. This can be used for smoothing the rough edges which are left specifically after a cut operation.

#4. Pipe Wrench

Talking about the pipe wrench, it is considered to be a heavy tool that is used by the plumbers for tightening as well as the loosening of the fittings and nuts on pipework.

So, two of the wrenches are mainly used in concert, of which one is used for holding the pipe in the correct position whereas the other one is used for rotating the fitting or nut in the proper direction.

You will find the availability of pipe wrenches in different lengths. As a plumber, you will need to work with a complete set of tools.

#5. Basin Wrench

This is a T-shaped tool that is used by the plumbers to work on faucets. So, this tool helps the plumbers to reach into extremely narrow spaces. Not only that, but this helps in the tightening or loosening of the nuts for the effective working of the faucets.

#6. Adjustable Wrench

A plumber should also make use of the adjustable wrench which is used for loosening and tightening the hexagonal fittings and nuts on pipes. Not only that, but these particular wrenches are available in a wide range of sizes. In this regard, the very common one used by the plumbers is 6 to 10 inches.

#7. Faucet Key

Although this is not considered to be a traditional wrench, it is an integral part of the plumbing tool kit. These faucet keys are X-shaped and small tools that are mainly intended for opening and closing the sillcocks as well as spigots.

Not only that, but this is an effective tool available on the market, if you are focusing to deal with various stem fittings such as 5/16”, 9/32”, ¼”, and so on.

#8. Goggles

The work of a plumber also includes soldering, a close examination of the leaks along some other works which can be very risky for their eyes. So, a first-rate plumber should also focus on their safety.

This is only possible if they consider adding goggles to their tool kit. They should use this every time they perform their work.

#9. Gloves

Plumbers require to touch a lot of things and so, they should focus on protecting their hands. You will find the availability of different varieties of heavy-duty gloves which helps in the protection of hands.

This allows them to grasp slippery objects with much ease. Along with that, gloves tend to offer many other important benefits as well.

#10. Heat Shields Or Pads

If your plumbing activities include soldering regularly, then it is very important to make use of suitable safety tools. This particular equipment provides you protection while you perform your work.

So, you should focus on including heat pads or shields in your plumbing tool list. This tool is effective to protect you as well as the surrounding environment from either fire or heat damage at the time of soldering.

#11. Crimpers

If you are indulged in some PEX-related plumbing, then you should focus on including crimp tools in your toolkit. Apart from that, the plumbers also consider using these particular tools with some other types of piping.

This involves the joining of the numerous metal pieces or other materials so that, one holds the other.

#12. Borescope

Nowadays, most plumbers focus on carrying this particular equipment in their toolkit. This includes small cameras which are mainly tethered by a long one. In this case, flexible cables are inserted into the sewer lines and drain so that they can analyze the piping condition well.

#13. Stubby Screwdriver

The plumbers should essentially have this particular tool in their plumbing tool kit. This equipment can be regarded as a job saver whenever a plumber focuses on loosening or tightening screw-in places that are difficult to reach by an electric or normal screwdriver.

#14. PEX Pipe Expander And Fitting

This is known to be one of the latest innovations in the field of plumbing. It is a flexible plastic piping that contributes to offer exceptional reliability and convenience. Talking about this, it is mainly a drill-like tool that contributes to widening the pipe mouth.

So, you can focus on inserting a meta fitting in it. As the PEX piping effectively retains its original shape and therefore, it contributes to creating a wonderful seal for passing through the water.

#15. Pliers

Plumbers need pliers like wrenches on an everyday basis. These smaller tools are considered to be very useful, as it helps them to tighten and loosen very small bolts and nuts which they cannot grip with a wrench.

Some Other Useful Tools Used By Plumbers

Ø  Allen Wrench: This is a small L-shaped wrench that is available in a variety of sizes. The hexagonal heads are used with many of the plumbing fasteners. So, to be fully prepared, it is very important to get a variety of sizes.

Ø  Washers And O-Rings: This is used to keep seals tight. Not only that, but it helps in the prevention of leaks from occurring. But, you should always focus on opting for the proper size. 

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the best tools which the plumber Laguna Hills should essentially add to their toolkit. These particular tools are an essential component of their plumbing job.

As a result, plumbing professionals should always be well prepared with the right tools for the success of any project.