What Makes a Video Production Company Stand Out?

What Makes a Video Production Company Stand Out

So, you’re looking to work with a video production company in London that knows how to deliver a great service? Regardless of the actual project you want to get done, you should choose a production company that stands out from the rest. But what is it that makes a company shine in a sea of a seemingly endless number of production companies? Here are seven qualities you should focus on.

A Professional Portfolio

Before agreeing to terms with an agency, you should explore their portfolio. Quality is senior to quantity, so don’t count out younger agencies if they’ve proven they can produce quality work,

Look to see how detailed the work is and whether it’s easy to understand or not. Does their work so far represent your own company? If not, would you feel confident that they possess the creative talents to take on a new direction?

It’s important to find out these things early, as they can both inform you about the company and expose you to new styles that have the potential to help you form your own creative ideas for your project.

Testimonials that Appear Convincing

Any video production should have client testimonials. You can usually find them on About or Portfolio pages. They should tell you more about the company than simply how good the video looked.

Some of the best testimonial videos include statistical data or heartwarming stories about the positive effects the video had on the client’s customers. Positive testimonials are a badge of credibility that should be on your criteria when looking for your ideal agency.

Timely Delivery

While this one is hard to know for sure before you get started, you can look out for indicators of punctuality. How long do they take to get back to you? Is it within 24 hours or do they reply after several days? Do they answer the phone when you call them?

It’s always a good idea to be time-efficient from a business perspective when dealing with clients. If they don’t respect your time, it might be an idea to forget about doing business with them altogether.

Clear Expectations

Before an agency gets to work, they should have a meeting with you to ensure you’re on the same page with regard to your goals and expectations. They should define what storyline, artwork, and duration options are available.

Any decent video production company should give you a detailed timeline of how long the video should take to complete, as well as show patience and warmth as you work out the details of what you’re looking for.

A High Standard

High standards are an important factor in any walk of life, but even more so when it comes to delivering a professional service. Whatever content it is you need, it should be of high quality.

While it always depends partly on your budget, you should never expect anything less than professional. Look out for signs of a company’s standards by viewing any previous work they’ve done, or even in-house produced content for their own website and social media channels. That doesn’t have to be limited to video either. If they’re using an iPhone and poor lighting to create staff headshots, that doesn’t say much for their camerawork.

Creative Talents

There are so many video explainer companies around these days. In such a saturated market, you’ll begin to see the same formats and styles time and time again. So when I mention creative talents, I mean look for video production companies that create work over and above the typical designs you can find repeated throughout the industry.

Of course, for someone not immersed in the video world, spotting such designs can be difficult. But you have an eye for when something looks good. So use your sense of judgment when choosing a prediction company. And if you’ve managed to avoid picking one that creates little more than templated video designs, we’ll all be better off for it.


Drive and passion play an integral role in any creative industry. Video producers, editors, and animators are all motivated by their art. And they all need passion to keep them going throughout the day. 

Spotting passion in a video production agency should be easy. Do they appear to have a genuine interest in your product? Do they suggest innovative ideas to tell your story? Do they have passion projects of their own they’re working on? Knowing how to spot these indicators is another tool you can use to help you in your decision-making process.